'04 Tacoma 3.4L V6 Timing Belt Replacement

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Jan 3, 2004
northern Alabama
5VZ-FE engine has ~ 150k miles & needs the timing belt replaced. What is recommended to be replaced outside the OEM timing belt? Oil pump & cam seals? I assume the 3 accessory belts. Coolant change. Water pump? $140 from OEM. Thermostat? New crankshaft pulley bolt as the link below says is in the FSM?

Harmonic Damper Pulley Holding Tool seems like a good tool to have here. Thoughts?

Is there still an online location to down the FSM for ~ $10?
Is Technical Information System where I want to go for that? If so, can just anyone subscribe? Does it have downloadable factory service manuals?
Toyota Parts & Service lists:
Repair Manual VOL 1 RM1090U1 $103.90
Repair Manual VOL 2 RM1090U2 $133.58

Are the instructions in this link spot on? If not, what is different?
Toyota Maintenance: TB Replacement

I feel better about tackling this for the 1st time in a non-interference engine but all help is certainly appreciated.

I don't know about the manual questions, but I get my factory parts at 1sttoyotaparts.com. Part + shipping is cheaper than part at the dealership.
Wow, no one here has ever changed the timing belt on a 5VZ-FE? Amazing.

Anyway, I downloaded the manual from TIS Saturday, yes every PDF file in the manual was saved individually on my hard drive for $10. It took all day. Dad should enjoy his b-day present.

I bought the harmonic damper pulley holding tool as well. If anyone wants to rent it from me, let me know.

Does anyone ever replace the timing cover gaskets? The manual says only to replace if necessary so I'll probably buy them just in case since the dealership is closed on Saturday when the work will take place. Same logic applied to the water pump.

The manual says to replace the crank bolt within the timing belt instructions which also say 217 ft-lb. However, in the general fastener spec & water pump replacement directions it says that the bolt doesn't need replacing & that the torque is only 184 ft-lb. I assume that the timing belt section has been updated. I also assume that the bolt at the new torque spec is a torque-to-yield fastener now, hence the replacement requirement. In any case, I bought another bolt for ~ $7.

Do folks normally check the valve clearances at this time as well? What parts are needed besides the seal material for the valve covers & shims if out of spec? What tools are needed besides a feeler gauge? Any special tools required to remove the shims & replace with new ones? The shims might put me in a pickle since the dealership is closed on the weekend.

Do folks normally replace the oil pump seal & cam seal? The thermostat & gasket will be replaced. I think he wants to replace the A/C, power steering, & generator belts as well although I would think that visual inspection would dictate these easily replaced items.

Is the timing belt tensioner difficult to reset? How did you do it?
This job was done last Saturday. It was a pretty easy job except the dealer provided the wrong timing belt, so I had to drive 85 miles each way to pick up the correct one. The 2 closer dealerships (~ 50 miles each way) are closed on Saturday.

I didn't use the Snap-On tool so the tensioner was removed & put into a vice. The A/C bracket bolts were on there pretty good.

I used the new 24" SK breaker bar to remove the crankshaft bolt along with the Kent-Moore (Toyota) tool to hold the pulley in place. I also use the Kent-Moore tool to hold the pulley to torque the bolt to 215 ft-lb. No problems there.

There was some dried pink powder (coolant) around the water pump so I'm glad we were replacing it. Thermostat was replaced as well.

The accessory belts had some cracks but looked good overall. They were replaced anyway. However, I'm not sure how you are supposed to correctly set the belt tightness. It was a guess that had to be readjusted a day later due to squealing for a few seconds upon startup.

The valve clearance wasn't checked nor were the camshaft or crankshaft pulleys removed. Everything was dry.

The factory service manual instructions were spot on, but the 4x4wire site instructions were fine as well.
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