$.04/qt tax on oil in California

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Actually, I do that. I own a snow shack business, and the roof of it is cedar shakes. They need periodic oiling. That tiny roof took an entire gallon of used Pennzoil. (It was dry from the previous owner.)
So they started the oil changed too soon campaign because they needed justification for this tax. The retards running this state believe all the problems in the world can be solved by taxing it's residents more.
According to the state of California... living causes death... lol. Glad to live in FL... no emissions requirements and still has clean air.
As a former Californian (moved out in 1990 after living there for 30 years)....I saw this coming. Californians constantly voted to tax themselves for anything and everything and voted regularly for the 'big spenders'. It has truly become a 'nanny state'. ....and it has finally caught up with them. The sales tax in L.A. is 9.75%. My move to Bend, Oregon has been great. A beautiful city of about 90,000 (sitting against the beautiful Cascade mountains), clean air, no emmisions requirements, no traffic issues, and NO SALES TAX.....and vehicle registration (tags) is only $58 for two years.
When you turn in used oil in CA they give you money. My work is on the program. I looked into it when I brought oil in, but I would only get about $.44 for the 11 or so quarts I dropped off.
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oil changed too soon campaign ?? That's assinine
Told you all before this is just the beginning.....wait.
This fee has been in existance in California for a number of years. As far as I'm concerned, it's another tax on the motorists in this state to pay for the deficit. I dump my used oil at the local Shell station, but don't get anything for it.
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California is amazing.....first they charge you .04 per quart....and then they charge you sales tax (9.75% in LA)...on top of it.
They also charge every homeowner another recycling tax to cover the cost of recycling the bottles and cans that you have to pay a 5 cents recycle deposit on.
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