03 f-150 5.4L mobil 1 mix ???

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May 16, 2003
northern IL
2003 f-150 5.4,only 6k miles. any thing wrong with a mix of (3)mobil 1 5w30 &(3)mobil drive clean 5w30 ? Do not drive a lot, 6k or 7k a year,but like to change oil & filer every 3k. [Cheers!]
If you're going to change the oil every 3000 miles then just stick with a good dino oil like Penzoil, Havoiline, Chevron or even Motorcraft. It seems that by mixing synthetic with dino you're just diluting the benefits of the synthetic oil. If you change your oil every 3000 miles with dino I think you engine is still going to still outlast the rest of the truck [Big Grin] . If you want to go to extended oil changes then a synthetic oil without the dino oil mixed in would be good. Or use a quality blend like Schaeffer's for a longer OCI. Whimsey
Motorcraft 5w-20 is putting up some great numbers. Pennzoil as well. Any of the good dinos will work fine.
Originally posted by buster: Motorcraft 5w-20 is putting up some great numbers. Pennzoil as well. Any of the good dinos will work fine.
Thanks Buster, I should have specified using the 5W-20 oils over regular dino 5W-30 oils for better wear in the 2003 Ford. Whimsey
Nothing wrong with it per se... but just not a real need if cold starting is your only worry in Northern Illinois. You are likely seeing some improvement in cold start numbers with the mix, but likely less than one would think. With a 3000 mile change, any quality dino 5w30 or 5w20 will work fine in that engine. Pennzoil 5w20 has some nice cold start numbers, and other good brands to consider would be Chevron/Havoline, Motorcraft or Castrol.
Originally posted by fordpm: I like the 50% mix of mobil 1 for cold weather starting, gets pretty darn cold up here...
Then I'd recommend the Mobil Drive Clean Plus 5w-30 PAO blend for year round service . It will outperform that mixed brew . The Saab 5w-30 PAO blend is another good deal on a Mobil product that will work well in the Ford Modular and every major city has a Saab Dealer to purchase it from . You could probably just change either of these oils at 6 months taking your miles driven into consideration . [ February 23, 2004, 06:34 AM: Message edited by: Motorbike ]
Mine's an 02' F150 Reg. Cab 5.4L approx. 20K miles..... I'm currently using..... 3 quarts M1 5W - 30 & 3 quarts M1 0W - 20 & a K&N HP 2010 oil filter I guess I was too chicken to run the whole 6 quarts M1 0W - 20, but after seeing all the UOA's on this site with this oil(0W - 20) I gonna try it straight next winter. I plan on trying the M1R 0W - 30 this summer. Even on the coldest mornings, wind chill well below zero, I had very quiet start-ups, couldn't be happier.
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