03 Accord 4 cyl using 51344 or 1344 ?

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May 24, 2003
Baltimore area
Has anyone with a 4 cylinder '03 Accord successfully installed a Napa Gold 1344 or Wix 51344? I have only changed my oil once in this car so far, but if I remember correctly there was not a lot of room for extra length of a filter. I put a 1334 on last time. Anybody know for sure if there is room for the longer filter? I can always but one and try it, but I figured someone may have already tried. Thanks for any help.
I can't answer your question, but if you can't go "long", perhaps you can go "fat." If your car calls for a Mobil M104, you might be able to use the M105, which is about 3" long by 3.75" dia. Media areas are 108 sq in and 135 sq in, respectively, a nice boost. The M105 fits the 1988 Mitsubishi Montero, among other vehicles such as early Isuzu Troopers. Presumably you'd have similar options among the less expensive Champion brands as well (Bosch, STP, etc.), so these might be your best option. Note that the equivalent Purolators have a larger gasket which will not likely mate OK, so not ALL '88 Montero filters will work. Make sure to very carefully study thread and gasket engagement before trying this out, comparing to your OEM filter. This info is from the NTPOG.ORG folks' OLD filter study, still accessible.
You can also try the Wix 51064 (16 psi bypass). Same thread and gasket as your 51334 (8-11 psi bypass), same diameter, and actually a tad shorter, so it should fit fine. The 51064 has 150 sq in media, while the 51334 has 134, a little boost. If it fits (4.1" long), the Wix 51568 kicks serious buttock, with 243 sq in of media. [ January 07, 2004, 07:10 PM: Message edited by: TC ]
Originally posted by TC: ... you might be able to use the M105, which is about 3" long by 3.75" dia. ...
The M1-105 will not fit on the 4 cyl 2003 Accord. The block has an extension next to the oil filter for a block heater. A filter too wide will hit this extension even without a block heater installed.
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