02 TransAm (LS1) Amsoil Euro 5w40/ 544 miles

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Apr 25, 2009
Here's another report for my 2002 WS6 TransAm. I don't drive the car much at all and there's not many miles on this sample but thought I would post it anyway. I'm thinking about changing to PP but I'll post up info and questions on that up in gas engine area. Seems Amsoil is probably over kill for my application. Blackstone Report: Leaving the oil in place for 13 months wasn't a problem. As long as an oil doesn't become contaminated (with excess wear metals, fuel, coolant, etc.) it can be left in place. This oil wasn't run very long and you can see that wear was quite low. Try going 1,000 miles on the next oil. The TBN was still strong at 6.7 so this oil had lots of active additive remaining. 1.0 is too low. Universal averages for the GM 5.7L are based on an oil run of ~3,500 miles. At 27,344 miles we have no problems to report. Looks like a nicely wearing engine.
2002 Pontiac Firbird TransAm
OIL Amsoil Euro 5w40               
Filer: K&N
MILES IN USE    544     
MILES          27,344   
SAMPLE TAKEN    4/5/08   

ALUMINUM        1                
CHROMIUM        0                
IRON            6              
COPPER          12             
LEAD            3             
TIN             0              
MOLYBDENUM      5           
NICKEL          1              
MANGANESE       0             
SILVER          0              
TITANIUM        0            
POTASSIUM       1              
BORON           59              
SILICON         8               
SODIUM          4            
CALCIUM         2054         
MAGNESIUM       82            
PHOSPHORUS      779            
ZINC            983          
BARIUM          0        
INSOLUBLES      0.2            
WATER           0               
Fuel		<0.5
FLASHPOINT ºF   390            
SUS VIS 210ºF   68.3          
cSt @ 212ºF     12.49    
Jan 2, 2008
Someone poasted a UOA on a pickup that had 10K over a 5 year period of time and it showed the oil was OK but ready to be changed. You could run any synthetic for 3-4 years without issue as long as you do some longer runs of 30 miles to burn off excess fuel.
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