'02 S2000, Castrol Edge EP 10W30, 2800mi, 2 years

Feb 5, 2011
More data showing that (in certain situations) running oil for an extended duration is just fine. Some additional information:
  • Car is never short tripped - generally I drive it for an hour on weekends so it gets plenty warm.
  • OEM oil filter (it is reprehensible to run anything but on this engine!).
  • Oil manufacturing date was in 2015.
  • During the prior oil change I went a little over a year and the UOA was good, so I went almost 2 years (23 months, technically) on this oil.
  • With this driving pattern, I suspect I could run it out 3-4 years no problem, but I likely won't do that as it seems like overkill, and who knows how well the filter media will hold up. It'd probably be fine though.

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Originally Posted by Triple_Se7en
What oil and viscosity was used in the 2018 UOA?
Sorry, should have included that - same exact oil, Castrol Edge EP 10W30. Edit: There's a good chance the oil has been reformulated since the last change; I believe it is currently API SN. Guessing that may be why some of the additives (Boron and Calcum?) are higher this go round, and some (Titanium and Magnesium) are lower. Folks on this forum probably know way better than I do though.
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