02 Grand Prix GT - PP 5W30 - 3,028mi - Weird????

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Feb 12, 2008
Hey guys, just got my report back from blackstone, and its very interesting... First off, the oil on the report is wrong... I thought this was the vehicle I used the quaker state in, but it was another vehicle. This was filled with PP 5W30. Interesting is that they say its viscosity is more like a 15W/40. Can anybody explain this?

Good news is that the antifreeze in the oil is no longer present. We did no repairs though... We had a thermostat put in before the last report and maybe they had somehow got antifreeze into the oil when they did that. Anyway, here is the report, any explanations on the viscosity and such would be great :)

Did you use Lucas Oil Stabilizer in that or something?!

I don't think I've ever seen an oil thicken that much, so either they used the wrong sample or your oil bottles had the wrong oil in them. I'm leaning toward the wrong oil sample.
Are you sure that this report is actually from your sample? Those numbers on the left are not Pennzoil Platinum. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc are WAY OFF from what Platinum is. Even the Quaker State looks nothing like this. As a matter of fact, I don't know of any oil SOPUS makes that looks like this.
That isn't Pennzoil Platinum oil in this report. No way. The add-pack and viscosity are that of an older 5W-40 or 15W-40 'Euro/Diesel' oil of some kind.
I just called them and indeed, samples were switched. I am awaiting the amended report here in a few minutes. The report that was actually mine is very similar to the current report. Bill was very apologetic about the mix-up and we had a nice long chat about everything. Great guy!
Will post the new report as soon as I get it!
Well, too bad the first one wasn't yours!

You've got the classic GM intake gasket/intake manifold problem.

The most recent GM metal framed intake manifold gaskets and the APN upper intake manifold are needed to permanently repair this engine. Use those exact parts and it'll be good to go for another 200,000 miles.

lght1, another member here, is an expert on these engines and from his experience, the above parts are the best solution.


Oops, I see you've already known about the problem! Get it fixed - it won't go away and will only get worse.
Yeah, get the leak fixed. Wear metals are high for the miles. However, the PP did a valiant effort against the damage!

With the leak fixed, this engine will go another 200k, easily. without it, it'll be gone in probably 50k or so. Waste of a good car to let it die!
Well it is my fathers car, but I did tell him to get it fixed. We have got a few estimates around $700 for the work. He is also deciding if he wants to sell the car or not, so we will see and just keep watching this.
So sell the car to someone else, and tell them about the leak?

Oh no, wait, no-one would buy the car with that problem, so you'd have to not tell them about the leak and 'pretend' you didn't know!

I hope 'we will see and just keep watching this' doesn't mean that!
No, the car would be repaired before-hand. It's just that this car has been nothing but a repair-prone vehicle since we have had it. Wheel bearings/hubs, suspension components, electrical issues, ABS/Traction Control Sensor Failure, this head gasket, and the list goes on. I know some of these are routine maintenance for high mileage vehicles, but there is plenty of stuff going on that shouldn't.

He wants to keep the car, just hates putting the constant money into it. None of our other cars have had constant issues, even when we had a few with over 100k miles. This car just always wants to be in the shop! I am sure he will be keeping it though as we need this vehicle in the "fleet" because it does so well in the winter for one.
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Fix the car yourself and if you do it right and soon, you could easily get 250-300k out of this mill.

Use the GM alu LIM gasket and the APN upper with the sleeved egr chimney.

For supplies, use "The Right Stuff" sealer, new GM coolant elbows and G-05 coolant.

Easy, and even fun job for a weekend.
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