'02 Dakota / M1 HM 5w30 / 10k Miles

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Oct 16, 2012
Marysville, WA
'02 Dodge Dakota 4.7 V8 150k Miles M1 HM 5w30 M1 Filter 10k Mile Change Interval NAPA Sample Kit Any thoughts are appreciated! Feel free to compare the M1-HM to Amsoil SS as well!
DATE SAMPLED      16-Sep-17     10-Dec-16
DATE RECEIVED     21-Sep-17     19-Dec-16
DATE REPORTED     25-Sep-17     20-Dec-16
TIME ON UNIT      150000        130000
TIME ON OIL       10000         10000
OIL BRAND         Mobil         Amsoil
OIL TYPE          Mobil1        Signature
                  HiMileage     Series
OIL GRADE         5w30          5w30

Metals (ppm)
Iron (Fe)         18            24
Chromium (Cr)      1             1
Lead (Pb)         <1             5
Copper (Cu)       11             7
Tin (Sn)          <1             7
Aluminium (Al)     5             9
Nickel (Ni)        2             4
Silver (Ag)       <1            <1
Titanium (Ti)     <1            <1
Vanadium (V)      <1            <1
Contaminants (ppm)
Silicon (Si)      10            18
Sodium (Na)       70           147
Potassium (K)      2             2
Additives (ppm)
Magnesium (Mg)   683            22
Calcium (Ca)    1442          4365
Barium (Ba)       <1            <1
Phosphorus (P)   973           908
Zinc (Zn)       1101           941
Molybdenum (Mo)   94           186
Boron (B)         40            73
Water (%)      <0.05         <0.05
Coolant           No            No
Physical Tests
Viscosity (cSt 100C) 11.5     11.4
Physical / Chemical
Base Number (mgKOH/g) 3.5      3.3
Is that the older SL rated M1 5W30 HM ? It has a lot of zinc present (1100 ppm). I very much liked the old formula, but the new M1 HM now has regular ILSAC levels of zinc (~ 800 ppm) and is SN rated. The old stuff certainly did it's job. Low iron wear numbers (18 ppm) and a good TBN of 3.5 at the end of 10,000 miles. The viscosity is also holding up well at KV100 = 11.5 cSt.
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Thanks for the replies. I feel pretty confident about this OCI interval now. That Amsoil report was the first time I had gone 10k miles on this truck and I was nervous. Now that I have some backup, I don't see any reason to go less than 10k miles. I'm not sure of the rating on this oil, I didn't get it too long ago, but I didn't pay attention (didn't realize it had changed). I am happy with it though, I had been getting a slight seep starting around the front main seal and switching to the M1HM seemed to have slowed/stopped it, so I did buy more. The new stuff is SN/SM rated. Hopefully will do just as well. Possibly of note, I got these M1 filters as part of a rebate promotion and that is why I am using them. Normally, and next time, I will be going back to my Napa Gold (Wix) filters. Adam
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