'01 Sienna Valvoline Synpower 5W30 3,482mi

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May 8, 2009
2001 Toyota Sienna 3.0 V6, 3,482mi, Valvoline Synpower 5W30
engine has 101,242 miles:

You added just 4oz of Marvel's Mystery Oil additive to this 5W/30 and there was some improvement in copper from brass/bronze parts. All of the wear metals read right around the universal averages for the Toyota 3.0L V6, which is encouraging. The TBN was 2.0 showing some active additive left in the oil. When it reads 1.0 that active additive is almost gone. 0.5% of the sample was gasoline, likely from city driving and it didn't cause any problems. Air and oil filtration were normal. No moisture or anti-freeze were present in the sample. Check back in ~3500 miles.

Aluminum 2
Iron 5
Copper 4
Lead 2
Tin 1
Moly 21
Potassium 2
Boron 11
Silicon 13
Sodium 21
Calcium 2475
Magnesium 11
Phosphorus 734
Zinc 877

SUS Viscosity@210F - 56.0
cSt Viscosity@100C - 9.07
Flashpoint F - 355
Fuel 0.5
Insolubles 0.3
TBN 2.0

I haven't seen many Valvoline Synpower posts. This engine is known for being hard on the oil, but I was surprised with a TBN of just 2.0 after on 3,400 miles. What's the verdict ladies & gents? PS: I've switched to Pennzoil Platinum for the next change.
Good numbers. I think either the Valvoline Syn Pwr or PP will give great results.
Thanks for posting
The verdict is;Don't stick foreign objects into your engine. The UOA is not too bad. 4k oci max.
Must be tough on oil as it is close to being out of grade.

2.0 TBN seem low for the low miles. I wouldn't want to run it past 5,000 miles.
Well it could be the engine, there is an Xterra UOA for Mobil 1 and in 4500-5k miles it literally chewed up the oil. TBN was 1.0. 4oz of MMO wouldn't cause much or any harm at all. Some engines are just harsh. Part of the Xterra's UOA result was due in part to its 3.5qt sump. How big is the Sienna's?
I don't think 4oz of MMO would even dent the TBN of an oil like Synpower, which is pretty stout these days (now 4718M). It's just the engine, its known to be hard on oil. I'd just stick to 5-6k OCI's with it to keep it sludge-free.

Even with this, wear metals are great.
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