'01 Saab 9-5 automatic, Texaco ATF, 60k miles

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Feb 2, 2005
This report is from my 2001 Saab 9-5 wagon, with the low pressure turbo 4 and an Aisin-Warner 4 speed auto. It uses Dexron III ATF. The 60k service calls for a single drain & fill. I did this using a Mityvac (removing 3L out of 7 or so) and topped off with Specialty Formulations Autoglide. I ran out of time to do things like clean the drain plug, so I'll hand the remaining 1.5 gal of Autoglide over to my mechanic to do several drain/fills and replace most of the factory ATF.

The factory ATF made by Texaco was brownish and burnt smelling upon extraction. This tranny doesn't have a filter but has a magnetic drain plug, I believe. I am considering adding a Magnefine or similar filter down the road. The added Autoglide has improved the already excellent shifting.

Blackstone Labs report:
Miles on oil: 60,934
Oil type: Texaco Dextron III
Comments: Since this was the original fill of ATF for the transmission in your Saab, that may be the main reason you see a lot of high wear metals and silicon. They could have all came from the break-in of the parts inside this unit when it was new. The 0.1% level of insolubles shows that the filter was at it's capacity of filtering. The viscosity was a bit low but not unusual for a factory fill ATF. Since ATF was changed, this unit may be good to go for a lot of miles in its future. Check back at 20,000 miles, which is average for the oil use for this type of unit.

Al 49

Cr 2

Fe 206

Cu 266

Pb 76

Sn 10

Mo 1

Ni 2

Mn 4

Ag 0

Ti 0

K 4

B 48

Si 56

Na 7

Ca 29

Mg 102

P 302

Zn 166

Ba 13

Sus Viscosity @ 210F: 41.6 (should be 43-49)

Insolubles: 0.1%

I think I would stick to 30,000 mile drain/add in the future. It was overdue for a change in my mind and you did the right thing by changing it out completely. I would also do another UOA at that time to see how it is fairing.
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