01 Montero Sport 2wd (pajero)

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Feb 1, 2005
South Texas
I will be doing PM and tune up on my friends '01 Montero Sport 2wd. She buys parts and cooks me dinner and I do labor. Very good deal for me. I will be changing oil/filter, plugs, clean MAF, decarbonize combustion chambers w/ Seafoam, air filter, PCV, fuel filter, Seafoam in gas tank, clean TB, and if its not to hard, drop/clean trans pan, change trans filter and refill, and change out rear diff fluid. I would like to know if anyone knows of any trouble areas these Montero's have. What are common things that break/wear out? Any tips for rear diff and trans fluid changes? Where is the fuel filter? Is it a PITA or basic swap. I wont be doing anything until I thoroughly inspect the vehicle and devise a game plan. I wont touch stuff on other's vehicles if I dont know exactly what I am doing. I hope these Montero's are straight forward, but my luck, half this stuff will be a PITA, (example: I will not pull gas tank to get to internal filter like on some cars I have seen!) Any tips, suggestions, hints, recommendations on fluid/filter choices and things to watch out for are appreciated!
Not open for further replies.