01 Audi S4, Liqui Moly Leichtlauf 5W-40, 9500 mi.

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Nov 15, 2005
Metro Atlanta GA
Bought this car 7 months ago with 84K miles. Super nice car for the age. I expected the first oil analysis would have some off numbers as the car hadn't been drive more than 9,000 miles in the last 6 years. I put 9.5K on it in 6 months of daily driving a 80 mile a day Metro Atlanta commute. I'm running GC 0w30 now and will run another analysis in 5,000 miles then 9,500 to see where the numbers are trending. In past running of GC in a 1.8T, it can give some really low Iron numbers. Will be interesting to see the next analysis. Will be checking the air filtration system. Miles on oil: 9500 Miles on Unit: 95,728 Makeup oil: 0 qt Oil: Liqui Moly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 Additive: CeraTec
           Liqui    Unvi Avg (5300 mi)
ALUMINUM      7      3
CHROMIUM      1      1
IRON         51      17
COPPER       11      5
LEAD          1      2
TIN           4      1
MOLYBDENUM   236     66
NICKEL        1      1
MANGANESE     2      3
SILVER        0      0
TITANIUM      1      0
POTASSIUM     8      2
BORON       266     77
SILICON      23      7
SODIUM       20     21
CALCIUM    3420   2290
MAGNESIUM    15    302
PHOSPHORUS  840    848
ZINC       1042   1016
BARIUM        0      0
                                should be
SUS Viscosity @ 210F    69.6    65-78
cSt Viscosity @ 100C    12.86   11.6-15.3
Flash point in F        380     >375
Fuel %                  <0.5    <2.0
Antifreeze %            0.0     0.0
Water %                 0.0     0.6
Insolubles %            0.3     0.2
TBN                     4.5
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Rotella T6 is on the list to try once I use up my GC 0w30 stash. Have maybe 4 OCIs worth left to use. Did find one of the airbox clips is missing. The one in the most inaccessible location. The air filter seal on that corner looked crumpled and probably wasn't sealing. Probably the source of the high silicon. Replaced the air filter and got a replacement clip.
Good question Pete. With the possible ingress of Silicon and adverse effect on the wear numbers, really can't tell from a wear perspective. Other than a healthy fast idle on start up, the engine is super quiet on start up and running. Don't know if that's from the CeraTec or just a nice tight engine.
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