00' VW Passat 30V alarming analysis (long)

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Feb 8, 2004
I have a 2000 B5 Passat, with the 30v V-6, it currently has 33k miles on it. I have changed the oil myself since the dealer provided oil changes stopped after the 2yrs/24000 miles. Besides the dealer oil changes, I have used Mobil 1 0w/40 exclusively, and have changed the oil between 3k-5k intervals. I finally had an oil analysis done on the last change and got back that the oil, with 5087 miles on it, had a lead reading of 15, the universal average should be 3. The iron level though was 8 and 18 is the universal average. All the other readings were in spec and nothing was out of the norm. My question is this: They said in the used oil analysis notes that the bearings do not appear to be heavily worn (previously) but are wearing heavily (currently). I then e-mailed them back inquiring if this is due to lack of lubrication or to see what the cause of this could be. I was told it could be that the bearings are not being lubricated properly, but if that was the case other wear metals would read high also. They also said it could be from excessive idiling or racing, neither of which I do. I don't run this motor hard, but I do commute in the car daily. Btw, the motor is running perfectly, no roughness or unusual noise. I'm not sure what to do, as I'm concerned the motor is self dustructing. What could the cause of this reading be and what should my next step be? I have an etended warranty, will VW look at the motor just by an oil analysis report? Thanks for any help you can provide.
If you bought the car new, you should have the 10 yr./100k mile powertrain factory warenty. If you have kept your oil reciepts, vw should honor your oil analysis. But having two analysis' done would show if the wear is consistant or just a one time occurance.
I had a similar experience with my 95 bmw 525i running mobil 1 0w40. I had a lead of 23 with some fuel dilution. Terry thought the engine was running rich. I found a crankcase vent tube cracked and restrictive oil filter. I still need to check my injectors for leakage. I will also do a UOA again to be sure. Even so, I am considering going to a 5w40 synthetic oil such as Mobil 1 truck and suv. I am not convienced that mobil 1 0w40 is the best oil for my car.
**** , I am fully stocked-up on this oil for my 30v. Maybe I'll pull a UOA. I am running T&S this summer and the next 4 intervals are supposed to be a 4:3 blend of 0w-40 and 0w-30. Now I am nervous.
OK, I feel better now. I check into some UOA and I see this oil doing quite well in the 2.7tt 30v version of this engine. I would do a super-short interval of a thick dino oil and pull another UOA. Check your oil cooler for mixing of coolant and oil.
AJ, Oil selection is almost NEVER the cause of abnormal or catastrophic wear, unless the viscosity is much too thin/thick for the application, has an inappropriate additive chemistry - ie gas oil in a HD diesel - and/or you run the oil far too long. The first thing to look for in an abnormal analysis is external contamination from coolant, fuel, silicon. The second thing is to evaluate the driving conditions and how severe they are. The third and final thing is to determine the "state of tune" of the motor indirectly through oxidation,nitration and/or total solids level. I recommend you don't look at the brand of oil used, but look at the actual test data.... TS
I know that I was overreacting. Such a nice, new engine for those wear numbers is scary. I hope he finda a fix.
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