'00 Silverado 5.3: OLM will not reset!

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Feb 1, 2005
South Texas
I just changed the oil today on the '00 Silverado 5.3. For the past month the OLM has been going off at start-up. I drained the oil, installed new filter, and started the truck and let idle then turned it off. After checking the dipstick, I turned the key to the on position and pumped the gas three times in 5 seconds like I always do. I start the truck and the OLM blinks. I must have repeated the reset sequence a 1/2 dozen times. The OLM will not reset! Your suggestions please.
Dontcha have to have the door closed to do the reset? Or is it door open? Now I'm confused!? [Duh!] Joel
I had a 2000 Silverado w/ 5.3L for 5+ years and 100k miles. It would reset everytime I turned the key to run and pressed the accelerator pedal 5 times, turn it back off and then crank. I believe the door has been open and shut while doing this. Oh, and I wouldn't qualify the "Change Engine Oil" light as an Oil LIFE monitor. It specifically spells it out in the manual that it is a counter of RPM's.
I do 1yr OCI's unless the OLM lights up first. The earliest it has come on was at the 10 month mark, which I changed b/c it was on dino. The last OCI was on M1 API SL 10-30. It lit up at the 11 month mark, but ignored it for a month. It's an '00 with 24,988 miles on the odo. It now has M1 EP 10-30 w/ M1EP filter (1/2 off and free from PepBoys). I'll try the door closed/open deal in the morning.
Originally posted by brianl703: That's the dumbed-down description of what it does for the technically illiterate. It does a lot more than just count RPMs.
Well.... Mine would come on about every 6000 miles. I was running 5W30 Havoline. From what I've seen here, both with Havoline and the UOA on 5.3L's running 8,000+ miles on dino, I'd say the "Oil Life Monitor" on mine was a little OFF. At any rate, my oil got changed before 4k miles anyway. So GM "Dumbs-down" their manuals? Like they say, you learn something everyday. I thought they only dumbed-down their engineering.
Perhaps you're not giving the computer enough time to boot up after turning the key on. The service manual says nothing about having the door opened or closed. It only mentions having the key on and pushing the gas 3 times in 5 seconds. The light is supposed to blink twice if the reset was successful. It will stay on for 5 seconds if not.
All automakers "dumb down" their manuals. They are intended for a general audience, and so, among other things, are written at a 6th-grade reading level. The oil you used doesn't make a difference as far as when the light comes on. The OLM is calibrated for a certain specification of oil (likely an oil that meets the bare minimum requirements of the then-current API specification). I have personally observed that the OLM on another GM vehicle does indeed take more life away for cold starts and short trips vs. a long 750-mile highway trip. I use a scantool to access the actual percentage remaining.
According to the GM service manual for the 2001 Silverado (which is intended for a more technical audience, obviously): Excactly when the [change oil] indicator comes on is based on a complex formula which takes into account some of the following vehicle inputs: Coolant Temperature Engine Speed Vehicle Speed Oil Temperature Estimated Power Up Manifold Temperature Power Up Coolant Temperature Engine Running Actual Engine Torque Vehicle Speed Odometer
Originally posted by brianl703: According to the GM service manual for the 2001 Silverado (which is intended for a more technical audience, obviously)
That is why I bought a 2000 year-model. Much simplier for me.
2001 was a typo on my part--what I typed above is from the service manual for the <b>2000 Silverado</b>. I did not look at the service manual for the 2001 Silverado.
Last time I looked the Amsoil site had a good description of how the GM OLM worked, suffice to say it's quite a bit more than an RPM counter.
One thing about resetting the OLM with the gas pedal is that if you push it to the floor too fast, it won't register. You should take about 1 to 1/2 second to push the pedal down.
Originally posted by Matt_S: .... The light is supposed to blink twice if the reset was successful. It will stay on for 5 seconds if not.
Oh cool! So it is door closed. Atleast on my 2005 Chevy Trailblazer 4.2L it is. Got the double *blink* w/ door closed. Nothing with door open. It's great how the owners manual says NOTHING about that. [Mad] Thanks Joel
No luck. I tried pressing the pdeal slowly 3x in 5 seconds. Door open, door closed. I turn the key to "on" then the battery symbol lights up in the "message display" for about 5 seconds, then goes off for a second, lights back up for about 5 more seconds, goes off, then the "Change Engine OIl" Lights up and blinks for about 5 seconds. It does this routine w/ and w/o pressing the gas pedal 3x in 5 seconds. I tried reseting, then starting engine, then reseting then removing key, the starting, any and all possible combinations of reset. Can it be reset with the ScanTool from Auto Zone?
Try disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes. That may or may not reset the light, but it will "reboot" the computer and might allow you to reset the light with the gas pedal. I don't know if the scantool from Autozone will reset it. Probably not. I'm not even sure if the OBD-II Vehicle Explorer I have will do it.
IV- Do you have the key to 'Run' when you are doing the reset? The key must be to run (where the ignition rests after starting the engine),but w/out the engine running. Joel
I hear u Matt. Thing is, I dont get the double *flash* of the idot light unless all the doors are closed. Joel
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