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    Cause of build up of white milky substance in oil

    Several members of the Land Cruiser forum have noticed white milky substance in there oil fill cap. Normally see it with cold temperatures short trips but others don’t see this happening. typically it’s 0W 20 synthetic any thoughts would be appreciated
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    Toyotoa 0w-20; 5k miles; Lexus LX570 25k

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    36k miles 6.4k miles on 0W20 synthetic oil. Below average iron wear 7 vs 9 avg. everything else is in the universal avg. or lower. TBN was 3.2. Don't know if I would want to go 10k miles on this oil which Lexus now recommends for all their vehicles. All I can say is the Lexus V8 engines are...
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    How long do hoses on new vehicles last?

    Have a 2005 LX470 with 130k miles just replaced the heater T's and the big main hoses to and from the radiator. Live in Texas. How long do hoses normally last?
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    Corvette guys question

    Using Mobile 1. How many miles between oil/filter changes do you recommended. Normal easy driving with good warm-up before higher rpm's. combo of local and highway but normally complete engine warm-up before shut-off. Live in Vegas.
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    "new" 2008 Vette, with 4 year old Mobil1

    Could not copy the report so I will type the info. 4 year old oil but vette is still in the break in period, so high wear and silicon is expected. Your numbers at higher then expected on a 680 mile sample but expected with 4 year old oil that has been sitting in the engine for 4 years. The TBN...
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    How long is to long for Mobil 1 to be in an engine

    Just bought a "new" from dealer, 2008 Corvette with the 6.2 liter V8. It has 430 miles on the car. It came with Mobil 1 5w30 in the engine. I am having an oil and filter changed with new Mobil 1 5w30 and new filter in a couple of days at the dealership and will have around 550 miles on it by...
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    Need advise oil change interval for 2010 Toyota

    Toyota recommends 10K mile oil change interval with normal truck use. I'm an old guy so 10K miles scares me even using Toyota's new 0w20 synthetic. Would like a personal recommendation from the pro's on this site. I have a 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser, 4.0 liter V-6 engine, I drive about 700 miles...
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    New car oil change question

    Bought a "new" 2008 Mercedes CLS63 AMG the end of July. It had around 50 miles on it but the oil Mobil 1 5w45 euro spec was in the car for almost 18 months before I had the dealer change the oil/filter, it was changed at the end of the first 1000 miles. I am now at 4000 miles and feel like it...
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    2008 Aston Martin V8 Vantage oil question

    Owners manual calls for Castrol Synthetic 10W60, dealer claims Aston has now changed that and they are using Castrol Syntec 5W30 in the V8's and 5W40 in the V12's. It just seems like an extreme drop from 10W60 to 5W30. What would be +/- of this change?
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    Mercedes recommends oil change once a year

    and or 12K miles. Anyone else think 12K miles is too long? They use Mobil 1 0w40.
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    Old synthetic oil in the engine

    My car was built in Nov. of 2007 it is now Feb. of 2009 and my Mercedes has 1500 miles on it. I just bought it in Dec. of 2008 with 20 miles on it. The dealer/mechanic claims that I don't need to have the oil and filter changed until 1 year and or 12K miles from the date that I bought the car...
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    How old is too old in months for Mobil 1 oil?

    Just bought a new 2008 that comes from the factory with Mobil 1 synthetic oil. The car was manufactured and the oil put in the engine December 2007. The car now has 200 miles on it. So the oil is 1 year old. Normal interval for oil changes on my car per the manufacture is once a year or 13K...
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    Top Tier gas and when to not fill your tank?

    I have a Toyota product and they recommend Top Tier gas, which in my area is sold by Conoco and Quick Trip, what do you guys think to Top Tier gas is it really better? Also I understand you should never fill your tank when you see a gas truck filling the tanks at your local station (stirs up...
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    Got a new Dyna Lowrider oil question?

    I understand that you have to have a Harley shop do your 1K, 5K mile services to keep your warranty for the first 2 years. My question is at the 1K mile service where they change all of the fluids should I have them change them to synthetic or does the engine need to go to 5K with their dino...
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    Need recommendations

    I recently bought a used Toyota Landcruiser (99) with 58K miles. I changed all fluids and had the timing belt changed and the water pump along with all new hoses and belts. Also changed the thermostat and the rad. cap. Cooling system was flushed and filled with Toyota compatible Prestone 5...
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    Mobil1 OK for once a year OCI??

    Switched my 1999 Landcruiser to Mobil 1 5w30 synthetic. I will only be driving it around 5K miles a year. Is this oil OK to leave in the Landcruiser for a year between changes.
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    How long will this engine last?

    Bought new and Oil/filter changed at 1K miles and then every 4-5K miles (Toyota recommends 5K). All other maintaince performed per manufactures recommendation. It's a Toyota 4.7 V8. I'm using dino oil Castrol GTX 5w30 which meets the spec's recommended by Toyota and the Toyota OEM oil filter...
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    What engine is easiest on oil?

    I know from looking at oil analysis that the Toyota 4.7 V8 is very easy on oil. What is the "best" engine when it comes to its effect on oil. Also could you assume that a engine that is very easy on oil is also a better engine and will last longer than a engine that is hard on oil?
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    Premium versus Regular gas

    Good information might save you some $$$ <a href="" target="_blank"></a>