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    iRobot Roomba opinions

    Anybody have any experiences with the irobot vacuum? Are they any good or just a gimmick?
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    When to take snow tires off?

    Hi All: When are you all taking your snows off for the season? The reason I ask is that the weather is going to be up in the 60s later this week and not sure when to take the snows off since the weather has been so wacky this year. Not sure if I should take a gamble and change them out. I am...
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    SPAM- the meat

    Since there is a thread about Kim Chi, I thought I would start one about SPAM. SPAM goes great with Kim Chi and all kinds of stuff. Please share your stories about the wonderful mystery meat!
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    Left over 2 stroke oil /gas mix disposal

    I have a question and have not been able to find anything in search (probably not using the right terms), is it ok to dispose of a gallon of gas that has been used for my lawn equipment by dumping it into my car? The gas has the 2 stroke oil mixed in with it. I have heard that it would not be...