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    High noack% for Fully Syn = low quality base oil?

    Is Noack 11.5% consider high for a fully syn 5w40? as it is only slightly better than mineral Mobil 5000 at 12.8% Does it mean that this oil is most likely blend from light viscosity base oil couple with tons of VII to make it a 40 weight viscosity? Carlube 5w40 Density = 0.850 [email protected]'c = 84.7...
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    Amazing real life story.....

    My mate just told me that his drain plug drop out at the intersection(the motorist behind inform him), then he decide to drive all the way home which is about 10min away with no oil.... The amazing thing is his engine is fine after he bought himself another drain plug and fill it up with new...
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    Excessive cam wear?

    I bought used year 2004 Ford 4.0 Barra engine with 130k km on it and i notice it's slightly vanish and the cam doesn't look good. What do you think about the cam wear from the picture? excessive? <img src="" alt="" />
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    Nulon coolant suitable for Mitsubishi or Ford

    Can anyone advice if this Nulon coolant is suitable for Mitsubishi or Ford vehicle? or tell from the spec sheet if it's good or avg? <a href="" target="_blank">Nulon coolant</a>
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    Redline lightweight shockproof

    MTF Feedback: I have a 7yr old, 170k Honda manual transmission that has some crunching sound when i sometime engage my reverse gear too fast. I have tried RL MTL, shift is buttery smooth but still got the reverse crunch sometime so last week i decide to try RL LWSP, the shift is ok, not as...
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    Can 4T oil be use on automotive petrol engine

    I just received a few wrong cases of Motul 4T 300v 5w40. It's suppose to be for the 300v Power 5w40..... Anyway i'm not complaining as this oil is suppose to be more expensive then the automotive version. The question is, can it be use on normal automotive petrol engine? Any adverse effect...
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    Schaeffer S9K 5w40

    DIAGNOSED by DougB on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 at 16:03 Lab Number 2057777 SIF No SH -M1024425 Sample Date 11/1/2007 Unit Age 0h Comp Age 0h Time on Oil 0h Time on Fltr 0h Oil Maint. N/A Fltr Maint. Abn | Sev N/A Fluid Typical |...
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    Motul - Calcium Sulfonate, what that?

    I have found a disclaimer on a 300v 5w40 can. I wonder what actually does Calcium Sulfonate do? <img src="">
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    Castrol TQ 95

    Anyone knows which ATF fluid is the alternative to Castrol TQ 95 for Ford tranny? Can Redline D4 or Mobil Syn ATF be use? <a href="" target="_blank">TQ 95</a>
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    10w60 is just right for LS1 engine?

    Ok, I just have an exchange with an experience mechanic and he swear by 10w60 oil in a 5.7 LS1 engine. Does theory really difference from actual field experience? Here's the exchange: <a href="" target="_blank">LS1 Forum</a>
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    API SM Chevron Supreme 10w30 (ISOSYN)

    Iron (Fe) - 0.4 Chromium (Cr) - 0.1 Nickel (Ni) - 0.0 Titanium (Ti) - 0.0 Silver (Ag) - 1.2 Aluminum (Al) - 12 (pretty high for a virgin oil) Lead (Pb) - 2 Copper (Cu) - 0 Tin (Sn) - 0 Silicon (Si) - 7.2 Sodium (Na) - 1.6 Potassium (K) - 0.0 Boron (B) - 74...
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    Castrol GT LMA Brake Fluid

    Anyone know what's the Wet boiling point for this brake fluid? The product data sheet only show's the dry boiling point @ 509'F(265'C). <a href=",y,z/yyy.pdf" target="_blank">Castrol GT LMA Brake...
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    Hamp Oil Filter

    I have open up a Honda Hamp oil filter and found it doesn't contain any end caps! Will post a more completed picture once i get my camera over. <img src="" alt=" - " /> <img src="" alt=" - "...
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    Base oil cSt relation to Gravity API ASTM D4052

    Hi, i have observe a very interesting relation between the Gravity API weight, pound per gallon with actual base fluid cSt. It seem that the thicker the oil, the heavier is the Gravity API weight and Flash point. From the sample below, it seem that the Supergard 5w30 & 10w40 is spike with VII...
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    50/50 Redline 75w90NS/MTL

    Hi Guys, i had never have such smooth shift before until i change out my RP 75w90 maxgear today to 50/50 Redline 75w90NS/MTL on my 01 Honda. The reason why i choose 75w90NS instead of MT-90 was because 75w90NS does not contain friction modifiers for limited-slip hypoid. This indeed does makes...
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    Nippon Micro Oil Filter

    Hi i finally manage to cut open this small Nippon Micro oil filter, took me 1 over hr to hack saw it through. Nippon Micro Model: T8306 Anti-Drainback Valve Bypass Valve set at 14 PSI OD: 68 Length: 85 Measure Filter Mat: 1580 Interesting thing is i found another spring loaded valve. Its...
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    Additives wearing out?

    I have run M1 SL 5w30 till 4350 miles recently and found my engine emits a noticeable hissing sound when accelerating but when I top-up ½ quart of my engine oil, the sound went away. I been wondering does wearing out of oil additives cause this problem? And does topping up replenish the...
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    Fuelbooster another snake oil?

    Hi found this fuelbooster additive being advertise at our local website. Does it works or another snake oil? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    ACEA 2004 ASTM D6278

    I'm just reading the new ACEA 2004 spec when I came across this test method ASTM D6278. Can anyone explain - 100'c viscosity after 30 cycles What does the 30 cycles mean? Is it like equivalent to certain number of mile test? Thanks
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    Injector lube 2T?

    I just thinking, would an oz. of 2T every other tankful be helpful to my fuel injector? Does 2T actually help lube the injector giving it a better spray pattern.