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    Thoughts on mixing in a gallon of gear oil with motor oil for an isx15?

    I’m wondering what y’all think about adding a gallon of gear oil to my ISX15 motor oil. There is a truck forum I frequent in and one of the senior members says that he started to add a gallon of gear oil 75w90 up until 500k and then switched to 85w-140 up until a 800k miles.Says that it adds...
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    Phillips 66 Guardol fleet EC 15w40 formerly fleet supreme ec.

    I purchased 15 gallons for my 2004 Cummins ISX.Is this oil any good or should I have stuck with the big three?
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    SuperTech 15w40 for 2003 Cummins ISX

    Want to know if SuperTech 15w40 Is a good oil for a 2003 Cummins ISX? OCI’s done at 10k.
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    Synthetic or conventional for differential and transmission on semi truck

    So which type of fluid would be best in the diffs and trans of my semi truck? I hear from some people on a big rig forum that synthetic is a waste in the trans and diffs.
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    OCI for 2004 Cummins iSX

    What would be a reasonable number of miles or hours for OCI’s on my truck? I I use 15w40 and Baldwin or Fleetguard filters.
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    Traveller for Cummins ISX

    Is Traveller 15w40 a good choice for my 2004 Cummins ISX CM870? It has 450k miles and is new to me.I’m thinking of doing 10-12k OCI’s.Oil filter is a BD7154.
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    Switching trailer hub oil to grease

    Hello.I have a 40 foot gooseneck with 2 10k axles that are oil bath.I run Mobil 1 80w90 in them.Problem is that the seal blows out on them every 20-30k miles ruining the shoes and sometimes the magnet as well.Dexter shoes are $100,magnet $63,and seal $29 so it adds up since I run 1500-2000 miles...
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    Caterpillar C15

    Does anyone know the oil change interval for a 2006 caterpillar c15 engine? The truck probably falls under severe duty.High temperatures in the summer and -20 in the winter,lots of idling,hauls 110,000lbs full time,dusty roads.thanks.
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    Any specs on 2017 Powerstroke fuel filter?

    Looking for specs on 2017 powerstroke fuel filter.
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    17’ Powerstroke oil

    Recently traded in my 13’ Duramax with 307,000 trouble free heavy hauling miles for a 17’ Powerstroke.From what I am reading in the owners manual I fall in Severe duty maintenance and am wondering what oil grade I should use that meets the ford WSS-M2C171-F1 oil spec? I use my truck strictly...
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    Phillips 66 Dexron VI

    Hi.I am debating purchasing Phillips 66 Dexron VI for my 2013 Duramax with Allison transmission.I have ran Dex VI for 250,000 miles so far and my intervals fall under Severe 45,000 miles since the truck is used for hauling.My choices are whatever licensed big name Dex VI is on the shelf or the...
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    13' Duramax drain interval

    Hi,all I'm a long time follower of BITOG,but never have created an account.I have a 2013 DRW Duramax which is used as a full time Hotshot hauler,hauling loads of up to 36 GCVWR.I purchased the truck with 10 miles and have always changed the oil per DIC,which came out to something like 7k...