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    Almost Killed an Older Gentleman Yesterday

    I was making my monthly pilgrimage back home from Northern California to Las Vegas yesterday. After 8 hours on the road (6 since the last gas stop) while passing through the micro town of Indian Springs, NV an elderly gentleman choose to pull out of a side road across the 4 lane Highway 95...
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    2017 Camry Make Sense?

    As most of you are aware, SUVs are the in thing, and sedans aren't selling well. In order to sell their 2017 Camrys, Toyota has a $2750 (Cali) or $3k (Nevada) rebate. USAA/TrueCar shows an estimated LE dealer price of $17671 and a SE price of $18,267 where I am now in NoCal. I don't absolutely...
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    Chevy Colorado 5-cyl Grenaded

    Second son in Apple Valley, CA had a very low mileage 2005 Colorado pickup that had sat for a while. He had bought it new. He took it to be smogged, and said he heard them revving the engine until it screamed (he couldn't visually observe it). It passed smog, but on the way home it started...
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    Camaro Smoothie

    Somebody just hit my beautiful, show winner for paint and exterior, baby. Red 2002 Z/28 with a Manual 6 speed, low miles. Not only did they hit the front, they pushed it into my '97 C2500 truck parked behind it, messing the truck bumper up a bit while trashing the rear end of the Z. Young...
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    Forgive Me Father, I Bought a New Truck

    Just traded in my almost new (2011 K1500 Silverado with 12k miles) Chevy truck in on a new 2013 one. I'm the kind of guy that usually buys a new vehicle, maintains it myself, and drives it until it's uneconomically feasible to keep on the road, so getting rid of a low mileage vehicle that I...
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    G-05 in Toyotas?

    Let me start this out with the statement that I'm cheap. I'm also lazy. Probably lazier that cheap, so I don't mind spending cash to save me work. Being lazy, and not wanting to incur unnecessary repairs, I'm pretty "retentive" about maintaining my vehicles. A while back I picked up a couple...
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    Yokohama Geolanders

    We just managed to get 90k miles on some Geolander H/T-S tires on the wife's Toyota RAV4 (well, 89.6k, to be exact). I was shocked, considering how poorly the tires had been treated, having been often ran low on pressure, and having been balanced and rotated only about every 20k miles.
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    Silverado With Oil Pressure Issues

    I'm seeking advice. We've got a couple of 2006 2500 HD Silverados with my wife's landscaping business. Both were owned since new, and have between 120 and 130k miles on them. I've been lucky enough to get the maintenance responsibilities of the trucks in the last year and a half. This...
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    Who Makes Turfgro 2-cycle?

    A couple of our local Horizon Landscaping supply stores are closing down and they have their house brand 2-cycle oil on sale. Their blurb states: "TurfGro oil is blended by a leading manufacturer of power equipment oil and is the same quality as those offered by industry leaders. Our 2-cylce...
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    Confessions of a Too Frequent Changer

    I just changed the oil and filter on a 2000 Cadillac Deville. OLM showed well over 80% remaining. Last change was in December 08. Mileage unknown, but probably around 3k. Previous fill was PP 10-30 with a K&N oil filter, new fill was almost 8 quarts of PP 5-30 with a PureONE oil filter. The...
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    Death Mower From Heck

    My wife owns a landscaping company. She started out as a partner, but about the point she put enough money for us to retire on into the money pit, the other partner (who had nothing in) bailed. Other than my non-voluntary financial contributions, I've had little to do with the company...
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    Toyota RAV Manual Trans Oil Recommendation

    I have a 2WD 1996 Toyota RAV4, (don't feel sorry for me, it's the wife's car) and have decided at 100k miles it's time to change the transaxle fluid. Past time, in fact. I've tried to be a good boy and use the search function and have come upon a lot of info on the site that suggests a GL-4...