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    Asian (PHOAT) Coolant vs Prestone POAT

    I've recently been researching coolant technology and decided I wanted to try and find an affordable way to get the type of coolants the manufacturers are specifying, rather than defaulting to the 1 gallon concentrated gold-colored Prestone I've been using that claim to work for "all makes and...
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    Where did Conventional 80W-90 Limited Slip Gear Oils Go?

    Again, I'm stunned by how little attention is put toward oils (especially in stores like Napa, etc.) I have been using Valvoline High Performance Gear Oil 80W-90 for a long time, and all of a sudden they are gone. I found a random case for sale on Amazon, but generally speaking...they are...
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    Who makes Sam's Club 80W-90 Gear Oil

    Does anyone know who makes the Sam's Club gear oils? I couldn't find any good images of labels on the 5 gallon bucket online. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
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    75W-90 (OR 80w-90) GL5 DIFF FLUID WITH LSD

    I can't believe how much has changed in just the last three years. I did a lot of this research on these oils three years ago as I began the process of rebuilding several Nissan Xterra/Frontiers that require a GL5 80W-90 Gear Oil for the Front/Rear Differentials. The rear all have LSD in them...
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    Chemicals used in professional fuel injector cleaning machines

    Does anyone know which chemicals a professional fuel injector cleaning machine uses? I have a small setup that will allow me to connect my side-feed injectors to a pressurized system and fire the injectors in order to view/verify a good consistent spray pattern, before installing the fuel...
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    Kia ATF - OEM, Eneos, Maxlife - TDS - DIFFERENT!

    I've been doing a lot of research on ATF (in general) lately, due to my rapid decline in brand trust. People keep asking me if my ATF smells "burnt"...and I've never been able to tell. I'm a bit new to auto transmissions in the last couple years (never had or wanted one until now), and I...