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    Interesting Spark Plug Photos (30651km - Subaru Legacy 2.5i)

    Pulled the Denso Iridium TT spark plugs from my 2008 Subary Legacy 2.5i (naturally aspirated) while trying to diagnose what felt like an ignition problem after some major engine work. The issue ended up not being the plugs but I was "intrigued" by the wear pattern on the platinum ground tips of...
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    (vid)Cold DRY braking test: Summer vs Winter Tires

    Must admit I was surprised by the result: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    American, European, and Asian DOT4 Brake Fluids?

    My local Canadian Tire had DOT4 in American, European, and Asian variants. Does anyone know what could possibly be the difference between these three (besides the colour of the label?) I wasn't aware of continental differences in DOT4 brake fluid. <img src=""...
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    OK for Sealed Bearings to a leak a bit when new?

    I noticed that a sealed bearing on a recently installed timing belt idler sprocket had leaked some of its grease. It was in service since February of this year. I don't know anything about sealed bearings so I was wondering if this is normal? The idler still spun alright. Smooth but maybe (ie...
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    East Penn Batteries at Canadian Walmarts?

    I was walking through one of local Walmarts (in Vancouver) when I noticed the following battery on the shelves: <a href="" target="_blank">EverStart Maxx AGM Battery</a> It grabbed my attention since it didn't have the...
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    Spark Plug Centre Electrode Erosion (33K kms)

    I replaced the NGK G-Power plugs that I have been running in my car (2005 Subaru Impreza RS) for ~33k kilometers (~4.5 years) and was surprised to see the centre electrodes on two of the four plugs worn as shown in the following photo: <img src=""...
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    Can DEXRON VI be mixed with Amsoil Universal ATF

    A couple of years ago I replaced my Subaru's factory ATF with Amsoil ATF. The factory fluid still looked good but the shift quality had deteriorated over a period of just one year so I decided to do a cooler line flush with Amsoil. The Amsoil fluid (original thicker stuff before they...