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    Have you ever met anybody famous?

    Walt Disney the day he came to our hometown to donate eight buffalo to a local park. Jack Lord at the same town shooting the western Stoney Burke (before the Hawaii 5-0 days). Great guy. Made it a point to talk to a bunch of us boys. Asked us if we wanted to be actors. The lot of us nodded our...
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    Buying physical precious metal

    Gold plated, lol
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    Buying physical precious metal

    Just checking, Apmex has Valcambi (sp?) 1 gm bars for about $80. Bullion Exchanges for about $70 in volume, a buck or so more for fewer numbers. About $12 per bar over spot currently.
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    Buying physical precious metal

    Be very very careful with any Ebay purchases. There is a lot of counterfeit out there.
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    Buying physical precious metal

    I've bought bullion coins and bars from First Majestic Silver, Apmex and JM Bullion. Apmex is probably the biggest, but they aren't really that competitive in price. Bullion Exchanges now seems to have the best price over spot that I've seen - currently Metalor kilo .9999 bars for $1.69 per...
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    Car not Parked Properly

    File an ADA lawsuit. No handicap parking on the side of that building!
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    Claybar help...

    Lots and lots of lube. Diluted car wash soap at a higher concentration than you use to wash the car works. Until you get a little experience, laying down a towel or other ground cover will save you clay bars that would otherwise have to be tossed when you drop them. The bars get pretty slippery...
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    Corvette passengers survive 126mph head on crash!

    He has a very substantial lawyer, David Chesnoff. Chesnoff is the law partner of Oscar Goodman (Tony Spilatro's attorney) and has defended many high profile clients. He is probably the highest rated defense attorney practicing in the state today. It remains to be seen if Ruggs will be able to...
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    Corvette passengers survive 126mph head on crash!

    This accident happened less than 2 miles from my house. My daughter (lives 1/2 mile from the crash) called me to warn of the road closure that was still in effect 6 hours after the crash. The local paper reported something this morning that is amazing. Ruggs was not wearing his seat belt at the...
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    Classic cars: impossible on a limited budget?

    You, sir, have excellent taste!
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    Is Red Line MTL 70W80 ok to use in an NV4500 manual transmission?

    Looking at the subject again I see Amsoil MTG and Redline MT 85 claim to meet spec for the NV4500. Previously only Castrol Syntorque LT, mostly only available with the GM and Chrysler part numbers, met the spec. Sources I'm looking at now indicate the NV4500 wasn't installed in GM trucks until...
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    Is Red Line MTL 70W80 ok to use in an NV4500 manual transmission?

    I am not an oil expert and the research I did on the subject is dated. With those limitations, I will pass on my research on the subject. I had a '97 Chevy C2500HD with the same NV4500. At the 50k mile point around 2002 I decided to change the transmission fluid. Much to my disbelief, there were...
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    Free Electricity from 7pm to 11pm

    Correction from 2 posts above. Your off peak charge of .05 is 5 cents, not half a cent.
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    How Fast Can The F-16 Fly?

    Well, I guess compared to a B-52 or a 747 the F-117 could be considered quite maneuverable. Compared to any other fighter or attack aircraft, not so much. There was a reason the pilots called it the Wobblin Goblin. I guess it could have been used as an attack aircraft, but with a bomb load of 2...
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    How Fast Can The F-16 Fly?

    Part of it was the Air Force intentionally misrepresenting the aircraft before it was officially acknowledged. The classification of the aircraft as a fighter was disinformation. With no fighter capability whatsoever, it isn't an F-117A, it really is a B-117A. I would guess there were 2 primary...
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    Elon Musk says Tesla is moving its headquarters to Texas

    Elon Musk is worth around $201 billion with a B. Most of that is in company stock. That stock is fully taxable when he sells it. So, Texas with zero state tax liability, or Cali with a tax liability of over $26 billion. For 26 billion I'd move to Texas and create my own weather. I would not be...
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    Reverse Your Battery?

    When I reversed the battery in my car, it started talking to me with an English accent.
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    How to make a Bobcat leave?

    The official way is to contact Fish and Game. If you show them the carnage and meet who knows what criteria, they can issue a depradation permit. Only with this permit, if issued, can you legally kill the animal. The unofficial way has been suggested. The penalties involved if you are caught...
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    stock market

    Let me start with "I do not believe in trying to time the market". Repeat 3 times. But the wife says to pull a lot of cash out of stocks in the next 2 months. If she is right and I don't, I'll get to hear about it weekly for the rest of my life. Ok, maybe monthly as she isn't a nag. If she is...
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    Bill banning small, gas-powered engines and generators heads to (California) Governor's desk

    That just means you will pick up all your OPE on your semi annual weekend trip to Vegas. Probably will result in more pickup trucks sold in Cali than otherwise.