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    Michelin LTX M/S2

    What does everybody think of these tires? They are top rated by tire rack. I am looking to put them on my 2008 F150 4x4. Thanks
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    Electronic Lien?

    So I paid off the loan on my pickup back in October, but never received the title from the bank. So about a month ago I called them about it and they claimed they mailed it to my old address (I moved 3 years ago), Even though they had my new address on the account. The bank said they would...
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    electrical issue, bad alternator?

    I've got a 2008 F150, 5.4 that a couple of weeks ago while driving the lights went dim, radio shut off and fan slowed down then the front hubs tried locking. It did the twice over a 30 sec time span and lasted for about 5 sec each time. I took it to the dealer (very trusted) and they tested the...
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    Case hydraulic drive lawn mower

    I've got a couple of Case lawnmowers that are hydraulic drive and speced to use 20w40 oil. Since that grade of oil is not an easy one to find I use Rotella 15w40. It is also speced to use 5w20 in winter with temps below 32 degrees. Since I use a snow blower on one of them in temps well below...
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    Ford OLM

    I'm sure this has been beat to death here before, But what it the opinion on Fords OLM. I just bought a 2012 Fusion Sport with the 3.5L V6, 19K miles. Reading the manual it says to change oil based on the monitor. Just wondering how accurate it is.
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    Better mpg with Motorcraft 5w20

    I've read these threads before and everybody says don't put too much thought into them. But I'm on my second oil change with Motorcraft 5w20, in my 08 F150 and have seen a very consistant 1.2 mpg increase on every tank of gas. Truck has 64,000 miles on it, and every other oil change has been...
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    Rotella 30wt

    What's your opinions on running rotella 30 wt in small engines even though they are not rated for gas engines anymore?
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    brake pads and rotors?

    What brands and type does everybody like? The more I look at them the more confused I get between slotted, drilled and slotted, or plain rotors. What pads does everybody like? Semi metallic or ceramic? Vehicle is an 08 F150. I'd prefer to not have the most expensive out there, but don't want...
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    Bad oil pan gasket?

    So I was in the tire shop getting my free tire rotation on my 08 F150 today and the manager calls me out to look at an oil leak on my truck. Says the oil pan gasket is leaking and needs replaced for $500. I looked at it on the lift, and yes there was some oil on the side of the pan, right...
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    Heavier 5w-20?

    What 5w-20 oils are heavier, like closer to 5w-30? Am driving from NW Indiana to southern Florida next month, and will be down there for a couple of weeks and then driving back. So lots of highway miles and hot temps. Have been using what ever 5w-20 is cheapest, changing at 5000 miles using...
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    Pay raise at work

    So last week my boss calls me into the office before work and tells me he is going to give me a $2.00/hr pay raise. We have direct deposit, I see that my pay was deposited this morning, then I got the pay stub in the mail when I got home from work today, and see it's only for $1.00/hr. So what...
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    Generac Carb Problems

    Have a 5000 watt Generac generator that when I put gas in, it just pours out of the carb. Guess I'll have to take it apart and clean it. Was wondering it anybody else has issues with theirs. I always drain the fuel tank and then run the carb dry.
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    oil pump for rear end oil change?

    Am going to change the rear end oil in my 08 F150, and was thinking about trying one of those oil pumps instead of pulling the pan off, as my F150 does not use a gasket, just silicone from the factory. Would one of them work with the heavy weight gear oil?
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    Airbags disabled, liabilities question?

    So the owner of the company I work for is starting to replace our full size Chevy vans with Ford Transits for better gas mileage. Being we do HVAC work and need to carry a couple of ladders, he took out the passenger seat to fit an 8' ladder in instead of buying a ladder rack. Being this seat...
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    Dumb question about dealer closings

    How is Chrysler and GM closing dealers affecting anybody else but the dealers? How is corprate benefiting if all dealers are independently owned?
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    MC 5W-20 at Wal-Mart

    Was in Wal-mart last night picking up a few things and went by the automotive dept and saw that they had 12 qt cases of MC 5W-20 for $18.24, and I thought they weren't carrying it anymore. Must be some old stock they are selling off.
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    Napa Air Filter?

    I picked up a Napa Gold filter for my 2003 Taurus. When I went to install it, removed the factory filter and compared it with the Napa Gold. They looked about the same except it didn't have the metal grate on the clean air side. What exactly is this for, and will it hurt anything using this...
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    Overhaulin TV show

    Did anybody see Overhaulin on TLC last night. They were working on a 64 Corvette and had to put a new crate engine in it from Edelbrock (spelling), anyway they were pulling the new engine from the back of the truck and it had an orange Fram filter on it. Why go to all the trouble to restore...
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    Ford Taurus owners, Help!

    I am changed the oil for the first time on the wife's 2003 Taurus which we bought about 2 months ago with 7000 miles on it. The car has the Vulcan 3.0 liter V6, and the owners manual states that with a filter change this engine holds 4.5 Qt. So that's what I put in, but when I ckeck the level...
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    Very Confused Now

    I am really confused now. I have a 03' Taurus I just bought with 7000 miles on it. Seems there is some very different opinions on the 5w-20 oil. I can't make up my mind on using M1 0w-20, M1 5w-30, or MC 5w-20. Seems some people like the MC and some like the M1, and after reading previous...