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    E15 usage?

    Does anyone here regularly use E15? I went ahead and tried it in the hybrid since it was 5 cents cheaper per gallon. The car is not running as well and sounds like it is strained in comparison. Gas mileage has dropped significantly as well (~5%). Not bad enough to worry me or set off a CEL, but...
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    14 Corolla Headlight Low Beam

    A friend of mine has a 2014 Corolla that has a low beam out. She was told that the entire headlight assembly is required to be replaced when the LED bulb fails. Does anyone here know if this is true? Also, I was thinking a junkyard might be a good alternative to paying $800 for the new assembly...
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    Unique experience

    Tonight I decided to check the oil level and wiper fluid in the 14.5 Camry since it had been a while. Everything checked out fine, but the car now has 30K on it and is due for a new air filter. I already had ordered the air filter and was just waiting on a good time to do it. I then decided to...
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    1999 Camry. No start issue.

    Ok, the Camry in my sig has been giving me issues for the past two weeks only. For the 3rd time, I go to start the car, and the lights all come on and the dinger works, until I turn the key to the on position where everything goes dead at once. After this happens, you must jump the car for...
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    Great tire buying experience (Discount Tire)

    Today I purchased a new set of tires of my Camry. I did not see the point in spending the money on the Michelins for an older vehicle. So I went with the General Altimax RT43. Discount Tire was my place of choice. They didn't have the Generals in stock, but ordered them yesterday and they...