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    Filter Size Cross Reference

    Is there such a thing as a filter size cross reference table? It seems if there is such a thing (yes, I have googled it) it would make it easier to find larger filters for different applications. Thanks, Kenny <>{
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    Anybody Using Magna Guard Magnets?

    I'm a little uneasy thinking about sticking a loose magnet into the outlet side of my filter but I think it would work better than a magnet on the outside of the filter. Anybody using one in their filter?? Kenny<>{
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    Scangauge - 1998 Grand Prix, what codes?

    Does anyone use a Scangauge on their 1998 Grand Prix? If so, what readouts/codes are available since that was the first year of OBDII? Thanks!! Kenny <>{
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    TSI 301?

    Anybody ever heard of TSI 301? I've used it for years, with excellent success, for lubing my target air pistols and firearms. It seems to have a good following in the target air gun field and that is where I first heard about it. website: <a href=""...
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    Magnefine and Factory Warranties

    Will the installation of a magnefine filter be an issue with a vehicle still under the factory warranty? Example: My trans goes bad, still under factory warranty, my dealer sees the filter on a line where there never was a OEM filter. The dealer says the magnefine or its installation caused...
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    Motorcraft Specs?

    Does anyone know where I can find legitimate specs for motorcraft filters? Especially for the FL400 bypass rating? Thanks! Kenny <>{
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    Bypass Ratings

    Question: How important is the bypass rating on an oil filter? I have been looking at different filters for an application and they can vary from 8psi to 15 psi. The prefered range for my engine seems to be 8-11psi. Am I risking anything by running a filter with a bypass rating of...
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    2007 Honda Odyssey-First Oil Change

    I have a brand new Honda Odyssey with a little over 2000 miles on the factory oil. The oil is looking dirty, as I would expect as the engine breaks in. The oil life monitor says the oil is at 70%. The owners manual says NOT to make an early change on the first oil change and that this will...