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    Delo 400XLE 10w30 $3 Gallon Autozone

    Clearance table Took two, left six.
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    STP Maximum Life S3675ML Cut Open

    STP Maximum Life 15K filter off son's 2008 Saturn Vue. 15 months, 2000 miles. Severe service. 3 miles each way to work. Never gets warmed up unless I take it for a spin. Replacement was a Napa Platinum 41522 and Castrol Edge 5w30.
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    Beck Arnley 041-8181 C&P 3250 miles

    2005 Saab 92x (Subaru WRX clone) 168k Castrol Edge 0w40 Magnet at the bottom picked up some crud. Nice tight pleats. ADBV was a little stiff. $4.68 on Amazon closeout. <img src="" alt="[Linked...
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    Florida IRMA air fares

    I booked a flight to Tampa to check on my mother's winter place to see if there is any damage after the hurricane. I found it was cheaper to book First Class air fare than Economy. Weird dynamic pricing in play. Most flights into Florida are booked by returning residents. Shortage of cattle...
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    Belkin N150 Router $15 Lowes

    Anyone looking for a basic home router? Belkin N150 on clearance at Lowes for $15.
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    Fram PH9837 Cut open. Ugh!

    2008 Saturn Vue 3.5 V-6 Just under 3000 miles on this run. 3rd oil change since son got this Vue from his aunt. Regular oil changes at the aunt's dealer previously. Two previous oil changes since getting it looked fine. Now, a sea of crud appears. Lots of waves in the pleats, but no ripping...
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    Purolator Pure One Tearing

    Purolator PL25288 Son's new 2008 Saturn Vue 3.5 w/ 93k Spotty previous owner records Results of first oil change: 2750 miles on this filter and Valvoline NextGen 5w30 <a href="[email protected]/15720554960/" target="_blank">Overall</a> <a...
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    Virgin Fram Extra Guard PH7317

    Another one of my "victims" from the Lowe's clearance. A Fram PH7317 priced at 62 cents. The whole thing <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> The seam is a little sloppy <img...
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    Virgin Blue Mountain Filter Pix

    Went to Lowe's today, and while there grabbed a couple filters to cut open. This is a Blue Mountain BMJ4459. Same as Fram PH3593 or AC PF1127 or Purulator L14459. Cost me all of 36 cents. I cut a Fram that I will post in another thread. All the stuff <img...
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    Blue Mountain Filters revisited

    Some of you may remember my post about the Blue Mountain oil filters being sold for $1.09 at Lowes. I finally installed one on my son's Alero 3400 V-6. Ran it about 2000 miles and decided to change from a winter weight oil to a summer weight. Cut it apart and saw the following....not pretty...
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    Too long on oil change?

    I just got back from a visit to my mother. I found out she hasn't changed the oil on my dad's car since he passed away three years ago. She drives his 02 Camry V-6 in the winter (her car is a convertible with regular dealer oil changes). Mostly short trips, less than 20 miles round trip, often...
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    What oil for 1968 Jag XKE?

    I have a friend with a 1968 XKE. He is getting ready to change the oil before winter storage. He has had a local shop with Jaguar experience change the oil before. He does not know what they put in it. We talked about BITOG today at lunch, and he asked if I'd help him change it himself...