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    Anyone have a HF Daytona jack?

    There is a long Garage Journal thread on these. They aren't exactly the same, but hardly different enough to justify the dramatic price difference. Mostly that the Snap-On hydraulic seals are better to begin with and serviceable, where the Daytona are not, if I recall correctly.
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    I'm looking for a portable work light.

    If you're a Costco member, I really like this one. Great battery life, charges over microUSB, even works as a battery bank to charge your phone if needed. The smaller lights on top are each detachable and magnetic...
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    Sub $500 Welders

    I'm having a very similar debate myself. I'm 43 years old and haven't welded one thing since high school shop class, but I'd like to have one just to learn on and for simple repairs. I would probably be just fine with a cheap and small flux-core only unit, but leaning toward spending a little...
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    Summit Racing misleading listings

    I used to be more of a Jeg's guy, but the Summit website is so much more friendly to navigate. Good to hear that they are good to work with also.
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    Honda 2200 generator for $80

    Yes, I was mostly pointing out that 'parallel' doesn't increase the voltage without getting too geeky about it.
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    New tool thread

    For that kind of money and breaking on the first use, I wouldn't feel too bad.
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    Honda 2200 generator for $80

    That is a pretty good deal, but the parallel cord allows you to generate 4000 watts @ 120 volts. They would need to be in series to produce 240 volts, in theory.
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    Impact Wrench Question

    That looks like the gun I have. I admittedly haven't looked very hard, but I haven't been able to find what the numbered knob settings mean.
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    Toolbox with electrical receptacles

    I was referring to the original reply that was worried about electrocution with this properly wired DIY setup. The quotes only go one layer deep so apparently that got lost.
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    Toolbox with electrical receptacles

    I hope that guy never opens up a wall in his home or garage.
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    Too much to expect from a HF bolt?

    I bought this puller set from HF to remove the harmonic balancer from a blown-up race engine. It worked but the puller itself was trashed in the process. For the price, worth it. I have used the harder black bolts included in the set multiple times to pop off rotors as you describe. They work...
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    Top Fuel Track Length

    What do those inside the sport think about going to single mag or smaller fuel pump, while opening up the other restrictions such as RPM and nitro percentage? Seems like it would limit the final potential while still allowing some innovation to set the tuners apart.
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    Torque Wrench Checker

    I bought this thing, and put a zip tie loosely around the torque wrench handle 12 inches from the center of the drive pin. Put a hex socket in the vise and set the torque wrench. The wrench should...
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    Fluid Extractor Suggestions

    I was just looking into these earlier this morning. I was looking into the Pela PL-650, which is very similar to the many other 6.5 liter extractors such as the one linked by Propflux01. They all seem somewhat expensive for what they are; trying to reason if it is worth paying more for what...
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    Cheapie power washer pump source?

    I bought this pump about four years ago to bolt to my Honda GCV160. I don't use the washer very often but it's worked great after the original pump stopped making pressure.
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    HYPER TOUGH - Multi Use Pump for $8.97 at Walmart

    I've used the HF version to do VTM-4 gear oil in my Honda, but that has a viscosity similar to ATF. That said, HF and Amazon carry inexpensive pumps that screw right on to a quart bottle of gear lube. I have one that I purchased from Walmart years ago and they have them online, but can't find...
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    underhood worklight

    I have theirs; it's pretty good for my use. Can't just pop a new battery into it like the Milwaukee but it lasts as long as I've needed it to. I'm also a big head lamp guy.
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    Husky 144 Tooth Ratchets

    I went and picked up this set over the weekend. Haven't had a chance to use them yet but did put sockets on them to spin, and they are very smooth compared to the Craftsman 72t (I assume) ratchets that came in my large starter set from ~20 years ago. It's a great price for three ratchets at any...
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    pressure washer care

    I've used regular green automotive antifreeze.
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    LED shop light recommendations?

    I have three of the "UFO" bulbs in my garage; one per stall. Massive improvement over the LED floods I had in there previously. I originally planned to convert to shop lights but don't feel the need anymore. How they actually compare to a four foot shop light, I have no idea.