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    Oil rec to quiet high mileage Honda

    Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster. I'm looking for ideas to quiet down an old, but still strong Honda Civic with the D17A2 VTEC motor. It's a 2003 that's pushing 300k miles on the clock and I plan to drive it and keep it going until it falls apart. My ownership of the vehicle has...
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    M1 0w-30 in engine w/ 195k?

    Hey BITOGers I am thinking of trying out M1 0w30 in my 93 dodge minivan, just because I've always wanted to try it and to see what it does for my mileage, if anything. The car has has 195k mi on it. It currently has M1 5w30 in it, which has been in there for 7.5k mi, and I think is due for an...