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    What's the difference between these two Mobil1 oils?

    More likely than not the top one will also be the current version; they are just using an older photo. Unless someone has a pallet of SM rated M1 and thinks it's more 3x more desirable?
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    Sticking with one brand

    Considering how often manufacture / API / ACEA standards change you are never getting the same exact stuff in the bottle for that long. Look at M1 changing up AFEs base oil composition lately.
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    Mobil 1 0W-30.

    What warehouse was SN rated AFE stuck in for the last 3 years?
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    Is Castrol still one of the best anti LSPI formulas?

    Google 'Cruze cracked piston'. It's more preventative than anything. I've only had one "event" I could detect when I first got the car merging. I heard a fairly loud crackle and an immediate loss of power. I've moved to 93 octane fuel and tuned since then and haven't had one since. When I got...
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    Clean 1993 Crown Vic value?

    I'm in the $2500 club, maybe 3k so you can meet in the middle at $2750.
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    Is Castrol still one of the best anti LSPI formulas?

    After doing a bunch more research I think my next OCI I'm going to try Ravenol DXG.
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    Poor AGM Battery Service Life

    I ordered one of the resistive style testers today.
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    Your favorite non-OEM halogen headlight bulb?

    I changed out my HB3/9005 bulbs for Philips HIR1 bulbs. Trimmed one tab and installed without a problem. Cheaper than dodgy LEDs and keeps the correct optics. Besides the one tab the connector is identical, the bulbs even have a mark to show where to trim. I'm not sure if that is for us or they...
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    Poor AGM Battery Service Life

    Can parts stores even accurately test batteries? My battery is a bit of a bear to remove.
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    Thickies-0 / Thinnies-1 :(

    Scotty 2 hotty
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    Poor AGM Battery Service Life

    My Cruze calls for a 94R/H7 and is one monster battery. I assume because the car has start / stop, but I have it disabled in my tune. It lives in the bottom of the hatch so less exposure to heat in the engine bay. Going to monitor it, but it seems really strong still. I did short trip the car...
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    Hydrolock with gas, How many times change oil

    I just went through something similar. My 02 sensor decided to go belly up and set my trims to some crazy percentage (60%), had my blowing raw fuel out the exhaust. Limped it home, replaced the 02 and realized my oil was probably full of fuel. I should unplugged the sensor and let it default...
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    Volvo RBS0-2AE spec not available in the USA

    My bad, I'm sorry about that! I wish old posts would archive on here after a year or two.
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    Volvo RBS0-2AE spec not available in the USA

    M1 5W30 EP and 10W30 EP meet ACEA A5/B5. So does regular vanilla M1 5W30
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    D1g2 with hths above 3.1

    ...and technically correct is the best kind of correct.
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    Just like that, my bad fuel dilution problem is gone.

    I think the only Honda spec I usually see is HTO-1 was is pretty outdated now. I'm not even sure what else they have? Do the manuals call for that still or just a standard spec to be met?
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    Just like that, my bad fuel dilution problem is gone.

    In a similar vein my car appears to burn no oil, and I show zero movement over an OCI. That said, my oil smells pretty strongly of gasoline during a change. Way more than any port injected car I've owned for sure. I have to assume I'm pushing in the same amount or very close to exactly what...
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    Car air fresheners: PSA

    I had one of these break/fall (The string let go) on the center console area of my 95 Rivera. It lifted the vinyl right off. I had a work friend give it to me so I felt obligated to have it up for a little while. I don't use these anymore, but I do use Ozium when I detail someone else's car...
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    2021 GM 3.6 recommendations

    Mine writes *** NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DRAIN PLUGS OVER 75,000 MILES *** on the invoices. When did the drain plug become a consumable?