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    ACDelco UltraGuard

    VQ35DE wrote (01/18/09 09:40 PM): I assume everyone knows that the (Ultraguard Gold) UPF-44, UPF-48 and the UPF-52 filters are still produced and sold at my dealer for $7.99 each. I still buy and use all three sizes. ====== This is news to me. I thought for sure these were discontinued when I...
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    Is Grp2/3 blend better than Grp2+ ???

    Originally Posted By: Audi Junkie Why do people think a "SynBlend" label, like on Motorcraft actually means anything? Like- "Oh, it's a great deal (or great oil or whatever) because it's a 'SynBlend'...for cheap". Please show me one bit of proof Semi-Syn-Blend is nothing more than a marketing...
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    What is that black stuff on the filter media ?

    Does anyone know the composition of the black residue you see on a well used filter (gas engine)? Is it oil oxidation by-products ? There must be a compositional analysis somewhere. Does the use of synth reduce the rate of accumulation ? (aka, does filter load-up relate to oil type)
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    Tale of Three Filters (w/pictures)

    Here is my first attempt to assess filter/engine size and OCI for my vehicles. I would be happy to receive comments or similair assessments. =========== Mahle OC-54, 3.2L Porsche 1985 911 @ 180K miles, (3.75”d x 5.0”l), OCI 3-4K Fram PH3980, 5.7L Chevy 1997 Tahoe @ 137K miles, (3.0”d x...
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    Shell Formula

    I saw that CSK chain has Shell Formula for $0.49/qt sale/rebate. I also saw they had some 5qt jugs which were not there until recently (also Kragen now carries MC blend in qt & jug). Since I like the SOPUS PP and QS synth, I started thinking this may be a real deal even if dino. I'll still...
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    change in oil consumption due to change in oil

    A technical bulletin on QuakerState site said: "Another phenomenon sometimes observed is a marked increase in oil consumption after changing brands of motor oil. This phenomenon has been occurring for years and can occur when changing from one brand to another within a given company as well as...
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    Puralator PureONE air filter ?

    Does anyone have user experience or data on Puraltor's PureONE Air Filter ? I looked at one yesterday at pepboys & it was blue and fuzzy. Interesting.
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    Is thermal mass different by weight ?

    I have an air cooled engine. In the winter it does not come up to full temp on 10 mile trip. I have used 20W50 in N. Cal. Is the thermal mass of a 10W40 lower so it would come up to temp faster ?
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    update on SynPower spec - Valvoline

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I recently asked Val. Tech Support a question and they emailed an updated spec. I see it's now posted at the above URL. They added the MST 5W30 which I think has been...
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    sheer down

    When oil looses viscosity with usage it's called sheering. What is the likely cause of this ? Deterioration of the base, VII, both, neither, other.
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    more HP out of light weight oil ?

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Seems like it is not as much as I would think; 0W20 vs 10W60.
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    Napa NPS filters - new ?

    I just got a flyer today in newsapaper form Napa. The show a Napa Power Sport Filter (NPS). As low as $4.99. Anyone got any insight on this ?
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    I'm not so sure about 'extended' drain on filters

    I have little experience looking at media on dirty filters. Right filter is Mahle OC-54 at 3K miles, vehicle at ~170K miles. Left filter is MC FL-820S at 5K miles, vehicle at ~21K miles. Center is Fram...
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    WIX filters story - warm feeling but the microns !

    I've used a boat load of Wix filters. My favorite was a 51459 for Catapiler, Bobcats, Massy Furgeson tractors which I used on a 1991 Range Rover. It was x2 the stock filter (7" long) but the RR engine ran dirty so the big filter really helped. It barely cleared the frame so I had to use a...
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    2007 ACEA oil spec.

    For those of you that study ACEA spec. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    ACEA oil spec. 2007

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I've been looking for this, maybe you have also.
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    How to calculate cSt 40C

    If I know the cSt 100C viscosity and the Visc. Index, can I calulate 40C viscosity ? I need this for Castrol since I don't find 40C vis. on website.
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    QS Q-HorsePower spec

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I have been looking for this and today it came up on the QS site. Aside from the...
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    What is your excuse ? BITOG avg quarts

    Looks like the BITOG average is running 50-60 quarts. That's a lot of oil. I have an excuse ! One of my vehicles takes 12qt changes +600 mile/qt consumption (factory rated to this & actual). Plus the 18+18 were acquired this month. I try not to go beyond a year out. What is your 'excuse' ?
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    5W20 Valvoline SynPower

    I was researching SynPower that I have in now in a 20W50 application and a 5W20 one. I believe the 20W50 was likely all PAO based on comments and MSDS. I see the 5W20 is 10% PAO based on MSDS. Is this true ? I thought all Synpower was GrpIII except the 20W50. (Now I think the 5W40 is all...