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    Industry moving away from conventional?

    Lower viscosity numbers mean better mpg, small for the individual, larger for the fleet.
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    Mobil 1 container size

    I called Mobil 1 customer service today and was told that Mobil 1 OW20 is not bottled in a 5-quart or 5.1 quart container at this time. They plan to bottle only quarts for the time being.
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    Mobil 1 container size

    I can't find it anywhere. Are you sure it was 0W20?
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    Mobil 1 container size

    Has anyone found (0W20) Mobil 1 in the 5-quart container? I can only find quarts. I like the convenience of the larger container.
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    I'm assuming that the 2012 FB25 Forester and the 2013 FB25 Outback use the same (factory) oil filter. If correct, has anyone cut open the new filter? I'm interested in what you found.
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    Oinion of Subaru brand oil

    I have found that not many oil filter brands have a filter for the 2013 Outback yet.
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    Oinion of Subaru brand oil

    JTK, 2013 Outback. Don't know about price of oil, haven't needed it yet.
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    Oinion of Subaru brand oil

    Rand, I’m not an expert or even well versed in engine oil, but my understanding is that viscosity is resistance to flow. Wouldn’t the lower number mean that M1 would flow more quickly?
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    Oinion of Subaru brand oil

    Is Subaru 0w20 brand oil inferior to, equal to or superior to Mobil 1 0W20 oil?
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    Is there a cleaner/conditioner that also will give leather seats some "slip" so that I don't feel glued to the seat?
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    supertech fuel injector cleaner...anygood?

    im not sure but im confident its stp. ?
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    Summer fuel

    Approximately when will summer fuel reach the pumps. Is that (date) ruffly true for the entire country?
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    0w-20 Oil for my Subarus

    ChrisW, I can't find Molil1 in 5qt containers. Have you?
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    0w-20 Oil for my Subarus

    I'm not certain what AFE means but, in my area the least expensive 0W20 Mobil 1 place is Walmart @ $6.97 p/quart
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    before the oil filter

    Does anyone have the correct knowledge of what year(s) Ford, GM and Chrysler introduced the oil filter to their engines?
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    y'all Mart brand oil

    I would love to see y’all Mart brand oil advertised in a auto mag, say MotorTrend, wouldn't that keep letters to the editor busy for months.
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    oil filter cross reference

    Can anyone give me the location of a chart/table that will cross-reference Toro garden tractor hydraulic filters to other brands?
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    Walmart oil

    Is Warren a refinery or something else?