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    2006 Town and Country, 138,000 miles, 5w-20

    Haven't posted in along time but was kind of impressed by this UOA from our minivan with 12,297 miles on the oil using a Bosch distance Plus filter. The oil was something I got at Wal-Mart, probably a semi-synthetic Castrol product. Iron 14 Nikl .7 Chrm .4 Tita .2 Copp 3.6 Alum 4.5 Tin .1...
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    6.0l powerstroke, 10w-30 delo 400

    F350 - Diesel Engine Unit Make : FORD Unit Model : F350 Serial No : {n/a} Date Rec'd : Aug 24, 2015 Comp Make : INTERNATIONAL Cust. Ref No. : {n/a} Sample Date : Aug 18, 2015 Comp Model : VT365 Stub No. : RW-M2253676 Diagnostician : Jonathan Hester RECOMMENDATION No corrective action...
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    New Holland T9030 Iveco 12.7L engine, Service Pro

    Unit Make : NEW HOLLAND Unit Model : T9030 Serial No : {n/a} Date Rec'd : Aug 12, 2015 Comp Make : IVECO Cust. Ref No. : {n/a} Sample Date : Aug 4, 2015 Comp Model : CURSOR 12.9L Stub No. : RW-M2253672 Diagnostician : Wes Davis RECOMMENDATION Resample at the next service interval to...
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    Does used oil run warmer?

    All other factors being equal, might a used oil run warmer than fresh, new oil? Once the additive package and properties of the oil break down, will it no longer be able to dissipate heat as well and run at a higher operating temperature?
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    Cat 938H loader, 6.6l engine, 2098 hours

    This is from the Cat 938H loader we use on our farm. Using a Cat 269-8325 filter with an LF777 bypass filter. Using Service Pro 15w-40 engine oil. The loader has 4605 total hours with about 2098 on the oil. Unit hours 3484, 4046, 4431, 4605 Oil hours 977, 1539, 1924, 2098 Sili 4.6...
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    Iveco 6.7L, New Holland TS135a

    Eng Time 11306, 11601 Oil time 1002, 1297 Iron 35, 36 Nckl .6, .4 Chrm 1.3, 1.1 Tit. .5, 0 Copp 1.3, 1.4 Alum 3.8, 3.9 Tin. 0, .3 Lead 4.1, 2.8 Boro 108, 93 Cal. 4063, 3904 Magn 25, 23 Moly 105, 104 Sodi 2.9, 2.4 Phos 1463, 1359 Sulf 4369, 5770 Zinc 1779, 1567 Visc 15.24, 16.39 Oxid 40, 56...
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    High Pb with 5w-40

    I've done a few oil analysis with a 7.3L powerstroke engine I swapped into my 94 F250. Before I put the engine in I installed new bearings. The first four analysis were with Schaeffer 5w-40 and then I did two with Service Pro 15w-40 and then I did one with Delo 400 5w-40. The lead numbers are...
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    Do wireless printers wear out?

    We a Canon Pixma wireless printer that we've been using for a couple years now. We use it a fair amount. Recently though, it you try and print something and it says printer is online and says its printing the first page but then nothing happens and after a little while longer it another...
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    HD Synthetic 75w-90, how hot can it get?

    We have a two speed gear box on a piece of farm equipment that runs the drive wheels. It holds about 5 gallons of oil that the manual says to use 80w-90 gear oil. The other day it got kinda hot and was puking oil out of the breather. The next morning I drained it and refilled with a 75w-90...
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    50w drive train oil

    Would a non-synthetic 50w drive train oil that is TO-4 rated be suitable for us in a 10-speed Eaton transmission in a semi-truck? The truck and transmission are 2002 model years and are well past any kind of warranty coverage. The truck is only driven locally and this time of year only drives...
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    Cat 938H loader, 6.6L engine

    This is a couple UOAs from a Caterpillar 938H loader we bought for our farm about a year ago. We use this loader almost exclusively to load the feed wagon for cattle. Especially this time of year, it is left to idle a lot between loads on the wagon. Using a Caterpillar 269-8325 oil filter and...
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    '04 F550, 6.0L PSD, Delo 400 10w-30, high K, Na

    This is the first UOA I've done on the 2004 F550 with a 6.0L Powerstroke we bought as a service truck for use on our farm. Truck has been real great for us so far with few issues. As soon as we got the truck I changed the oil to Delo 400 10w-30 and added some Rev X additive. I also did EGR...
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    New Holland telehandler, 1574 hours

    This is a UOA from our LM435a New Holland telehandler. It has a 272 cu in CNH engine. Oil is Service Pro 15w-40 and a Fleetguard LF16015 stratapore oil filter. Oil and filter both have 1574 hours on them. Machine has 6318 hours. Did not drain oil or change filter yet. Will probably take...
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    2002 Hyundai Santa Fe, Shell Rotella T5 10w-30

    This is an oil analysis for our 2002 Santa Fe with a 2.7L V6. Did not change the oil but only took a sample after 5603 miles. Using Rotella T5 10w-30 and a Bosch Plus filter. Vehicle has 231,484 miles on it and uses no oil. We bought it as a winter vehicle for my wife with about 225,000 on...
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    Cummins ISM, 25461 hours

    This is from a 2002 International 9200 with a Cummins ISM engine. It is pre-EGR. Using Service Pro 15w-40 and a Fleetguard LF9080 filter. We bought it used from a fleet and had around 24,000 hours when we bought it. Been a good truck for us to use around the farm but would be nice if it was...
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    Mercedes oil specs

    We're running a Mercedes OM460LA in a piece of equipment we have. The manual says that it takes an MB228.5 CF 10w-40 oil. We use a semi-synthetic 15w-40 CJ-4 oil that meets MB 228.31 specs, according to the TDS. I'm not real worried about the 15w vs. 10w as we don't run this piece of...
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    N14, crazy high wear numbers

    This is an N14 engine in a Case 9370 articulated tractor that we use for a lot of field work. Its kind of had a history or high wear metals for us. I cut my sample interval way back and took a UOA last July and everything seemed pretty good and then took another just a week ago with another...
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    Perkins 1106C engine in a Massey Ferguson

    This is a UOA from our 2003 Massey Ferguson 6480 tractor. The tractor spent most of its life running a feed wagon. The tractor has about 9669 hours on it with 370 hours on the oil. I wanna say the engine dropped a valve back in the spring of 2011 after it overheated real bad once because the...
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    coolant filter

    Has anyone ever added a coolant filter to a passenger car/SUV? I was looking under the hood of the Grand Am my wife drives in the summer/spring months and it seems like it would be pretty easy to add in there.
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    Case 580L backhoe

    This is the latest UOA from our Case 580L backhoe. Has a Cummins 4-cylinder engine. The engine tag is missing so I'm not real sure if its a 3 or 4 liter engine. It is naturally aspirated. Using Service Pro 15w-40 engine oil with a Fleetguard LF9028 venturi combo oil filter. The oil was last...