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    Dodge Charger "Police Interceptor" on the Autobahn

    Very nice Caprice! I have a 2014 Charger Pursuit now, but I'm always looking for a nice Caprice. The Charger has been one of the best cars I've ever had, I'm just more of a GM kinda guy.
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    Dodge Charger "Police Interceptor" on the Autobahn

    Appears to be an RT made up to look like a pursuit. No "certified" in the speedometer, chrome front grill, console and shifter in the floor, and hemi badge on front fender are not on a Pursuit.
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    Lumberton NC. Burger King

    I was wondering if Roofless would chime in. I knew he was in that area...
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    Traveling Respiratory Therapists being offered $140 an hour to work at hospitals

    I just heard this week of a local hospital that is offering RNs 200/hr for 12 week contract to work in Covid ICU. That's CRNA territory.
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    Wagon superiority thread

    I have had a 95 Caprice wagon since '13, bought with 82K and one owner. An EMS pilot I worked with was into B-bodies as well and bought a 96 Roadmaster in '17 with 66K. Unfortunately, he was killed in a farming accident in Oct. 2018. His widow advertised the RM for sale the Friday before this...