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    Honda NAVI 110cc. Mini-moto toy.

    Well .. Although not a Grom, I have a Benelli TNT 135. At 11 rwhp, I know I can barely reach 60 on level ground, although I weigh a svelte 215# :) . 70mph ? No way in hell. YouTube vids still showing that the TNT outperforms even the new Grom.
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    Honda NAVI 110cc. Mini-moto toy.

    70 ?? On a good day, down a slight incline, it will maybe hit 60..
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    Honda NAVI 110cc. Mini-moto toy.

    No way will the Navi hit 55-60mph. The newly designed Grom /Super Cub/Trail/Monkey struggle to reach those speeds. A couple publications read were low/mid 40s mph. By the time they add of frt/set up/dealer fees, they'll be pushing mid/upper $2K.
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    2014 Harley Davidson 103B - 1541 miles, 36 months - M1 V-Twin PC/TAN/TBN

    If you're talking about the H-D Pan America, yes it is chain driven.
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    Got in line for a Trail 125

    I believe they're made in Thailand. Add freight/set-up, they're pushing $4400 + tax/title/reg. Very cool though...
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    Post Your Latest (Motorcycle) Oil Change!

    End'sh of season oil change. 3560 miles on this oil. Another frankenbrew of on hand oil. Out: (2) qts M1 4t 10w40/(2) qts Quicksilver 10w40 full syn m-c oil/(1.25) qts M115w50 and a HiFlo filter In: (1) qt M1 10w40 4t/(1) qt M1 20w50 v-twin/(2) qts Supertech 10w40 full syn mc oil/(1.25) qts...
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    Mobil1 15w50 - 2014 Road King 103 H.O.

    I work PT at a True Value hardware store, and they can get it thru their warehouse. If you have a True Value hardware store near you, check there..
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    Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

    Hey ... I sat on that bike too :)
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    Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

    It'll be 70* tomorrow tho :)
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    Harley Scores a Home Run with the Pan America

    They're tubeless spoked wheels.
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    The "Future Custom" is here, and its called Sportster S

    I have no doubt that H-D has the technical engineering ability to completely water cool the 45* V motor. Hell, they likely have one ready to go. But $$ and a multi line likely costs too much. When emissions get too stringent, you can bet they'll be ready..
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    BMW R18 Series

    Sorry ... ugly bike
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    2020 Honda Ruckus (NPS50)

    Yup .. Designed by Benelli/Built by SSR.
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    2020 Honda Ruckus (NPS50)

    I was really close to picking up a new Ruckus for both me/wife to bomb around on. At the last moment, the wife said she really had no interest in riding one. Soooo, having a m/c endorsement, I opted to spend less $$ and pick up a new Benelli TNT 135. It'll hit a corrected 58mph with my 210#...
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    Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

    Just got back from Sturgis yesterday afternoon. I haven't seen crowds/traffic this busy in any of my 8 past visits. Gonna be a crazy year..
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    Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

    Heading out there in three hours. Will stay in Deadwood two nights and Sturgis three nights. Something around my 10th time out there. Always something different :)
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    Test rode a Triumph Trident 660

    I'm guessing a lot depends on what you're going to use the next bike for. If long distance travel travel, maybe look for something with cruise control and 4.5 ga + fuel tank. The Guzzi will do it all, albeit at a cost. I looked hard at the 650 V-Strom before buying a Tiger 800, as the Triumph...
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    Victory XC notchy shifting

    I was selling Indian/Victory's at a large multi dealership when the Victory line was discontinued. The dealer received an email overnight advising them that the Victory line was being discontinued. They had no clue it was coming. Indians were certainly outselling Victory's, but Victory had all...
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    Oil for Royal Enfield Himalayan

    M1 15w50 or Mystik JT8 15w50 syn blend ?