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  1. sk_pete

    clutch fluid, what interval ?

    2017 car, with fluid actuated clutch. (i guess bowden on clutches does not exist anymore.) the question is how often to drain? cylinder is right behind engine radiator, being blasted with heat. does this matter ?
  2. sk_pete

    xl vs non-xl tires? behavior, ride, etc...

    what are the differences? does it make sense for small hatchback? or better be avoided ? (when looking at lower profiles, xl becomes more common) i don´t understand why.
  3. sk_pete

    ALL SEASONS (3PMSF rated)

    hi, i am looking for a decent AS, currently have crossclimate+. 195/65/15 this is ok, but can be hard in winter, and louder at times. (after 2years, still 5mm left) it seems goodyear has positive reviews, but i am wondering if little cheaper a good set can be bought. anything more comfy and...