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    2016 ford svt bronco

    Posted in News on April 1, 2014....... -Rouphis
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    alignment after replacing ball joints?

    Well, technically, assuming that the old and new ball joint are manufactured perfectly concentric, you would be good to go. I would change them, and if it doesn't pull to either side on a test drive, call it done. -Rouphis
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    4R70W towing in overdrive

    The manual I posted makes it seem as the brakes are the issue not the trans. -Rouphis
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    4R70W towing in overdrive

    I have a 1996 F150 with a 4R70W, and here is a cut/paste from the owners manual: If your vehicle is equipped with an Electronic 4-Speed Automatic (E4OD or 4R70W) transmission, operate in Overdrive. Refer to the automatic transmission operation earlier in this chapter. When descending a steep...
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    how can I install DOS 3.3 or 4.0 on a newer laptop

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    95 F150 2WD 235/75-15 Recommendation Needed

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    What is the cost of community college near you?

    I'm paying $101 and some change per CR in tampa.
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    Peak Global or Zerex ? Miata

    You will be fine either way. I personally prefer g05 but all three will be equally fine in that application. Also, that is not solely an import motor. Ford used it in the escorts. -Rouphis
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    Kia timing belt- to change or not to change

    In miatas the TB is due at 100k and its a non interference engine. Its rather easy as far as TB's go. I changed my miata's timing belt @ 192k and it was original. Hope this helps. -Rouphis
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    Grounding the throttle body to improve response.

    I don't see how it could have any effect what so ever, good, bad, or otherwise. -Rouphis
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    Girl Drinks Gasoline

    The Darwin, it is strong in that one. -Rouphis
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    Questions About Flushing A Radiator

    Most engines have a drain plug or two on the engine block. -Rouphis
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    r12freon questions

    Craigslist normally has a few. The price has really come down now that most cars on the road take R134a. -Rouphis
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    Going in to look at a 2001 Corolla..what to look 4

    Power steering rack likes to start leaking. Check the boots fro evidence of fluid.
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    *New* Purolator Synthetic Filter *Pics*

    Is it me, or does the blue one look slightly smaller? -Rouphis
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    Please Rate the Bosch 7" Round E-Code Lights

    I had a pair in my miata, and they are a 15 out of 10. -Rouphis
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    Confrim my insanity.....

    I little tidbit of useless info. Tampa International Airport is one of the busy airports in the world. It has zero deicing equipment. The runways freeze once every few years, and when that happens, the whole airport shuts down until the sun warms it up. 1/8 inch of snow has shut the entire area...
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    Confrim my insanity.....

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: dakota99</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Throw a battery blanket on that sucker too!! My girlfriend is from florida and she barely leaves the house when it's below freezing here. </div></div> <img...