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    Variable displacement oil pump and proper oil filter

    I'm not sure what section to post this in. I have a 2020 Ford Ecosport with the 1.0L Ecoboost engine. That particular engine uses a variable displacement oil pump. I was just chatting with a person who is a hot rodder and engine builder and I'm just saying about that I wanted to use a different...
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    Castrol Edge Extended Protection shortage?

    Is there a shortage on Castrol Edge extended protection motor oil? Or are they phasing it out? I've used Castrol Edge extended protection in a previous oil change. Yes, the oil in the gold jug. Supposedly castrol's top of the line synthetic oil. A while back I bought it one roll back at my...
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    Oil for bathed in oil timing belt

    I own a Ford vehicle with Ecoboost engine that uses the the bathed in oil timing belt. Are their any particular oil that have been tested and proven more beneficial over another competitor for longevity and degradation of the timing belt?
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    Who makes Castrol oil filters?

    I'm working out town for work. I'm a DYI but circumstances is probably going to force me to do my next oil change on the road. I'm in Georgia. Close to me are multiple Castrol oil change centers. Got me looking and I see their filters. Are Castrol filters the same as Fram. it seemed way...
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    Ford oil specs of WSS-M2C-947B1

    Newbie here. I got a question for oil geeks. I've done some research. Ford's oil specs of WSS-M2C-945A/B1 are for 5W-20 oil. Ford's oil specs of WSS-M2C-947A/B1 are for OW-20 oil. You can Google up the engineering documents for those specs. 2 Separate different sources list the WSS-M2C-947A/B1...