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    Intercomp 4" Tire Pressure Gauge Adjustability / Repair

    I use this one from Joe's Racing Products. Had many types over the years and I trust this one the most.. Joe's Racing Tire Gauge
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    Tony Stewart in NHRA 2022

    Well, I wasn't invited........
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    Tony Stewart in NHRA 2022

    I think the wedding is coming up in a month or two.
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    Dealer Double Talk

    Depends on the state. Some make you pay sales tax on the price of the new vehicle without taking the trade in account
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    Craftsman 10 piece socket set with case. $9.99 at Ace

    I just picked up a 1/4 SAE set for around the house and a 3/8 Metric for the trunk of my 1973 Capri. Can't be beat for $9.99
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    New car gouging

    You also paid a market adjustment; it just happened to be negative. Dealer charges $6k above sticker, they are called unethical and are accused of gouging people. Buyer pays $6k under MSRP they are called smart and good negotiators. People expect dealers to never charge above MSRP when...
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    Made in USA- Subpar quality

    To pick up from my last post. Before I retired a few months ago from my job in plastic molding quality, the facility I worked at made many aftermarket master cylinder reservoirs. We might get an order for several hundred of a particular part once every few years. Not a ton of sales for parts...
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    Made in USA- Subpar quality

    Having just retired as a Quality Engineer at an injection molding plant, I can surmise what happened here. (we did not make filters) The mold flash could potentially be caused by a) excess variation in the filter media making it not able to seal off in the mold or b) a mold that needs repair...
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    Classic cars: impossible on a limited budget?

    Its a 1957 Pontiac We agree.. You are 100% correct if performing a restoration. The OP is looking for a driver quality car, not a project. That is why I advised that a less popular model would be much more affordable. That 1957 Pontiac will be significantly cheaper than a comparable 1957...
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    Classic cars: impossible on a limited budget?

    Sure it's feasible. Less popular models and 4 doors Pontiac and Oldsmobile are generally cheaper than the comparable Chevrolet. Same for Mercury.
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    Got bored. Installed K&N filter.

    That is very helpful. Found a couple good choices. Hilariously, one is the OE filter for my car which hasn't had a stock air cleaner in the 21 years I have owned it, so who knew. lol I am very limited on hood clearance; since it is 0.13" taller than the K&N, I just to make sure my air...
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    Got bored. Installed K&N filter.

    I have a 60° V6, so a 14" just looks kind of ridiculous. Wondering how I could find an 11" paper equivalent to my K&N
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    Got bored. Installed K&N filter.

    Those are all 14" I have an 11" K & N
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    Free lifetime oil change. FCP Euro.

    I just sent some back a few weeks ago for the first time. My Arteon requires 504 Ow-30 and it isn't easy to find locally. I bought VW branded oil that is Mobil 1 ESP in a VW bottle. Oil and filter cost me $58 and the UPS return shipping was $17 making my savings $41. Since I'm recently retired...
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    Got bored. Installed K&N filter.

    I have one in an old car with an 11" open element air cleaner. If I wanted to use paper, how would I find one with the same dimensions?
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    Walmart is taking over the world...with their own brand of coolants

    Or risk one of their competitors taking the deal instead
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    What type of plastic are most engine air filter boxes are made of (esp Honda)?

    There will be a recycle code listed on it most likely stating the type of plastic
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    How does regular get into premium tank?

    When I was in my early 20's (nearly 40 years ago), I took a job as an attendant at a self serve gas station. I was only there for a few days when the manager told me "Tell your friends not to buy premium" When I looked at her, she said "It comes from the same tanks as regular. Sometimes someone...
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    Just an observation on Fram OC

    I believe Fram may have been the OE filter. Owners are likely looking for authenticity