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    Simple Green in place of a water wetter prod.?

    I was at my local parts house the other day an asked about a water wetter product. The owners son told me to use Simple Green it would do the same thing. These guys race a dragster at Phoenix on the weekends so I know they know their stuff. Has anyone ever heard this and if so do you know the...
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    I just found a part bottle of this additive, I have used it a couple of times, I had a Ford Ranger 5 speed, and every 10,000 miles I would have to change the ATF fluid because it was black. after adding IXL it went 60,000 miles and was still clean. I used it in my nitro 1/10th scale Losi Truck...
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    I have been reading on the Ford Forum about getting flat lobes on cams at break-in due to lack of ZINC in todays oil. I'm having a real problem understanding how a lack of Zinc causes a flat lobe not all lobes just one. Can someone help me get some kind of grip on this situation.
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    I'm starting to have some problems with quenching 01 tool steel. I have moved to a colder climite etc.. I have been reading up on different things to try. The one besides buying QUENCHING OIL is to use SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL. or SYNTHETIC ATF. both of these were regarded as very good. My question...
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    RADIATORBARN.COM anyone dealt with them?

    My radiator in my 86 F250 4x4 is leaking. It is one of the aluminum plastic radiators. My question is has anyone bought or know anyone who has bought any radiators or products from They offer a brand new replacement radiator for $117.00, that is about a $100.00 below any price...
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    We just bought a set of Toyo Open Country T/A tires for my wife's 04 Trailblazer 4x4. Anyone run these tires for anytime, I read some reviews and they seemed all over the place some people got 50,000 + miles while others said they where wore out in 20,000 miles, most agreed they performed well...
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    Has anyone used any of Kanolabs products? I use their Silikroil, and Kreen. I have used Kreen in both fuel and to clean my 460 oil. I really like their products, I first heard of Kroil in the 60s, it would free any rusted bolt. About five years ago a friend of mine, who owns a print shop, and...
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    Here's wishing everybody a HAPPY HOLIDAYS. CRAIG & VICI (OILCAN)
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    Plain dry Tide as a cooling system cleaner?

    Has anyone every cleaned their cooling systems with plain old dry Tide laundry soap? I can't remember who told me about using it, but I did. I had an old Chevy truck that had a very dirty rusty cooling system. I drained the system, removed the thermostat, and added about a half of cup of Tide...
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    Just a question is EX-LIFE anti-freeze the way to the future? How long will just plain anti-freeze be with us. I know it is still for sale, but I feel another R-12 deal in the works. Does anyone have any facts or read anything of interest about this.
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    Lucas Synthetic Additive

    Has anyone used any of Lucas' Synthetic oil additive? I know there is alot on this board about Lucas but I have had very good results with there products, but have also talked to others that have used them with at least OK results. Just curious.
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    Confused over anti-freeze HELP

    I was in Wal Mart the other day and noticed the anti-freeze I use in my 86 Ford F250 is in a new container new labeling and a price increase almost doubled. The anti-freeze I have been using is their Tech Brand, and looking at some other brands everything is extended life. Tring to find anything...
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    Airaid Filter

    Well I decided to go with an Airaid Filter in my wife's Trailblazer with a 4.2L I-6. It claims to out filter other reusable air filters. So we will see. The cost of the factory filters are almost as high as the Airaid was. Wix where less but still I believe around $25 ea. We drive on alot of...
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    This maybe this is a stupid question,but I was reading our local paper with an insert on getting your car ready for winter. It talked about regular mineral oils, synthetics with oil packages same as mineral oils, and High Performance synthetics that cost about the same as regular synthetics, but...
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    QUESTION ON 04 Trailblazer 4x4

    My wife bought a new 04 Trailblazer 4x4 in May. I was looking through the owners manual and noticed that it came from the factory with 75-90 wt. Synthetic gear oil in both front & rear ends. Question, does anyone know what brand of synthetic General Motor uses?
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    What air filter is recommended ?

    After getting rid of the K&N filter in our 02 Dakota we got rid of the Dakota. In it's place sits 04 Chevy Trailbazer 4x4. It runs great and does for us one of the most important things, it gets 20-26 MPG., with a 275 HP I-6. I'm running Mobil 1 oil. because that is what my Chevy dealer sold...
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    Wallyworld Synthetic Blend Oil

    I was lost in Wallyworld the other day, and the first place I go when lost is the auto section, it makes it easy for my wife to find me when I turn up missing. Anyway I was looking at oils and I noticed Super Tech I guess it is has a blend oil for older autos. Has anyone seen this, and better...
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    Last week I removed the K&N air filters from my 86 F250 4x4 460C.I.-- 02 Dakota 4x4 4.7. and I have noticed that the FORD runs abit better, and the DAKOTA got a few tenth better gas mileage. I must say I was alittle surprised I have run K&Ns for several years now, but now I will most likely...
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    Has anyone used any of LUBEGARD products. If so what did you think of them?
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    Difference in clutch & band materials C-6 70-86

    I have a 86 C-6 Ford tranny in an F250 4x4, this tranny has been rebuilt 35,000 miles ago. My dipstick has no fluid recommendation. My question is what changes have been made between the 70s/80s to make TYPE F not able to be run in any C-6? As I remeber there was a need to make automatics shift...