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    Poland Likes Valvoline

    <a href="" target="_blank">Valvoline Top Rankings in Poland</a>
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    Kendall GT-1 Experience

    At the first of July I was transferred to one of our other plants, that is 95 miles away, and given a company car to drive. The car is a 2007 Altima. When I first started driving it, it had a fresh change of Havoline 5W30 in it and was averaging around 26.3 miles per gallon. At the end of that...
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    Boron vs Sodium

    As a detergent/dispersant is one better than the other?
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    Only six brands are on the list of GM4718M approved motor oils. Any idea why so few? Is it too tough of a standard for brands such as Amsoil,Royal Purple, Valvoline, etc., to meet? Or, do these companies, for some reason, feel that it is not worth pursuing?
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    Valvoline Lost $10 million in 3rd Qtr

    I read on Ashland's web site that Valvoline lost $10 million in their 3rd qtr versus $19 million in operating income in the same qtr 2005. Will the Valvoline brand have to be gobbled up by one of the major oil companies to be able to remain competitive? What are your thoughts?
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    Reduced Consumption with 5w30

    My daughter's car is '99 Dodge Neon with 155,000 miles on it. I have been using 10w30 Valvoline dino it and it normally consumes a quart every 800 miles or so, even on a fresh change. At the last change I used 5w30 Valvoline dino because that was all I had on hand. I checked the oil today and at...
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    '95 Dodge Caravan,Valvoline AC 10/30

    Vehicle: '95 Dodge Caravan Engine: 3.0 V6 Miles on Vehicle: 170,300 Miles on oil: 3176 Oil Type: Valvoline All Climate 10/30 SM Oil Filter: Purolator Premium Plus Air Filter: Purolator Type Driving: Rural,50% short trip,50% hwy. Lab: Blackstone Aluminum: 1 Chromium: 1 Iron: 4 Copper: 1...
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    Memorial Day

    To all BITOG members who are U.S. Military Veterans as well as those who are currently serving, just want to say thank you for your service to our country. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Valvoline 5W-30, 2000 Silverado 5.3l, 3562 mi

    Nice report! Looks like the Valvoline did a good job for you and held up well even with the fuel dilution.