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    Auto-Rx mixed with other products.

    Recently some post are incorrect in regards to Auto-Rx mixed with other products. Auto-Rx was formulated to be used and not mixed with other products if you have questions in regards to how it should be used I suggest you contact Frank Miller.
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    Briggs/Stratton Ring Installation

    How involved is to installed rings in a 11 hp Briggs/Stratton engine.
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    Briggs/Stratto 11hp Mower

    I have a Briggs/Stratton 11hp mower yesterday it started running with quite a lot of smoke from the carburetor and exhaust also oil coming back through the carb. Anyone had this issue or know how to fix it?
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    Choosing the Best Oil While Cleaning With Auto-Rx.

    Choosing the Best Oil while Motor Cleaning With Auto-Rx Simple, conventional, mineral oil, sometimes called dino oil, works best for the cleaning phase and rinse phase of an Auto-Rx motor cleansing. With conventional motor oil there are no polar ingredients attracting oil to metal surfaces...
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    Auto-Rx New Web Site.

    Has anyonr seen the new Auto-RX web site?
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    Part 2 Of Fleet Taxi Test 3-9 Using Auto-Rx

    *Fleet Taxi Test Using Auto-Rx. *New Data Open and Scroll Down The taxi fleet test data has been extended out over a few more OCI's, also another test cab#8 was changed over from a lucas oil additive to ARX at the 15,000 mile mark. The results speak for themselves. Results focused on gas...
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    Auto-Rx Oil Use

    I read this post on another forum and thought it was good post for the type oil to use with ARX. I think that PP (and other synthetics) has gotten a lot of press on message boards inadvertently. There are a lot of folks that will not run dino oil in their motors. This may due to it being a...
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    02 Chrysler T/C

    I just removed the plate from front bumper and behind it there was 2 dark rust spots about the size of a quarter I tried cleaners and laquer thiner and dit not remove it any ideas? Daryl
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    Briggs/Stratton 11hp Electric Starter Removal.

    I have a Ariens 11hp riding lawnmower and the electric starter is not engaging I need to repair how hard is it to remove.
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    Auto-Rx is changing there product labels

    Auto-Rx is changing there product labels, take a look. They conform to US Government Specifications for Non Hazardous Product. Front of label <img src=""> Back of label <img src="">
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    2002 Chrysler Town/Country.

    I have electronic sliding doors at times the right door will not open when I press the transmitter button and the door must be opened manually this happens with the overhead consol button also has anyone experienced this issue.
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    Auto-Rx has a Holiday Special for a coupon visit please <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Changing Spark Plugs.

    I have a 2002 Chrysler Town,Country 3.8 engine what is involved in changing the rear spark plugs the front ones are no problem to get to.
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    Maintenance Test Results.

    Post deleted by dbdeland
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    Auto-Rx Preventive Maintenance Program

    The autumn season is a great time to run an Auto-Rx application, in preparation for the cold winter season. In the colder weather, it takes longer to get the motor up to normal operating temperatures. This means the fuel air mix spends more time in a rich mixture. This can lead to raw fuel...
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    Drag Racing and Auto-Rx usage.

    [html]Drag Racing Photos <a href="" target="_blank"></a> [url=http://Drag Racing Photos http:[/html]
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    I ran across this reply post by Richone and thought it was a great post. A: 1. I guess that what you mean by “same quantity change” is that you will drain X number of quarts of transmission fluid, then add back in an equal amount of fresh trans fluid. In a traditional automatic transmission...
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    Marathon Petroleum Company LLC to Offer Gasolines

    Has anyone read or heard of this offer? Marathon Petroleum Company LLC to Offer Gasolines at Marathon(R) Branded Locations Formulated With STP(R) Branded Additives
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    Auto-Rx Price Increase Effective 9-10-06

    Auto-Rx can now be ordered at the current price until September 9th , 2006. All product ordered before then will not be shipped until September 9th. So if you can wait 10 days to receive your product order now at current price.
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    11HP Briggs Stratton Engine Stops Running.

    My Briggs Stratton 11HP engine wiil stop running after about 1 to 2 hours of use I have checked the Magnetic Ignition the gap is ok .010 the next morning it started right away this has happened about 3 times in the past month has anyone had this problem? Daryl