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    Trans filer failure

    On saturday I did fluid and filter change on my 08 Ram 1500 with a 545RFE. The truck only has 34,500 mi on it. The 545RFE has 2 filters, a traditional pan-type and a spin on that's inside the pan. The pan-type two halves started separating. The bottom half is metal and it's edge is rolled over...
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    Top tier diesel?

    Is there such a thing as a top tier diesel or are some diesels better than others? I don't own a diesel just curious.
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    Cable or satellite?

    I had a [censored] match today with my cable provider. My bill went up this month to $145 and change from $123 something. I called and threatened to cancel and the wouldn't budge on the price, so I called Fios and spoke to them. Fios Internet and phone is available in my area but tv would have...
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    PureOne filter cut open

    On friday I cut open a PureOne filter I can not remember the part# but it is the same as a Fram PH2/XG2. I am happy to report that it was in great shape with strait pleats and no tears. It was on a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 4.7L. I was running Mobil1 AFE 0W-20. I had a little over 6,000 miles...
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    Spare tires!!!!

    Just got a flat tire on my pickup. The design that they have come up with needs some serious improvement. Thankfully I was just left the house when I realized I had a flat and had tools available. The whole carrier for the spare is all made of steel and was rusted together. It became almost an...
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    Prius tires

    I was looking for new tires for my wife's Prius. Was thinking about getting coopers. The tire guy said they only make the c/s3 in her tire size. Does anyone have any experience with this tire or any suggestions. We do get snow her in north jersey so winter performance is a must. Yes winter...
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    Sunoco gasoline

    I have been reading a lot on top tier fuels and noticed that Sunoco was not on the list. Does anyone know how their gasoline stacks up to top tier fuel such as Exxon and BP