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    LS1 counter to the best thinking.

    Here is a Corvette that put 4500 miles on Mobil 1 5w/30 and goes against all of Patman's preaching. The car had 3 track days on a couple of very tough hot weather tracks and used a UPF44 filter no less! Maybe Terry is right and it's not viscosity dependent? <img...
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    Anybody heard about really thin oil development?

    I heard, second hand,that there is a real revolution going on in "skinny" oils and don't surprised when there is a whole group of new oils out that are in the 10W region but can stand up to "anything" including the toughest race requirements. Has anybody else heard anything like this? Supposedly...
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    Oil pressure Delco, K&N, Baldwin

    Here's a real informal test on a Delco UPF44, K&N 1007, and Baldwin B31. After reading lots of comments on the Delco UPF44 being restrictive I decided to look at oil pressures on my car with as much control as I could come up with given I'm not in a lab. All these readings are with new oil on a...