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    cheap home security recs

    I would like to get your recommendations for an inexpensive video monitoring system. My car was vandalised 2x last week. I do not want to rely on the landlord (doubt anything will be done). So a set-up/cams recording system recommendations is appreciated. I was hoping to set up a cam at my...
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    Computer rec for just surfing and live stream.

    will this be suitable for my needs: it is HP stream mini desktop <a...
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    pc power button not lit up

    Hello, My pc power button is black and won't light up. I noticed a lot of dust in the air "vents" and cleaned this up. When I press the power button, the fans to the MOBO, power supply and case start. There is a green light on the back of the power supply that is on. But the power on button is...
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    Interesting T-Mobile MVNO:

    I am thinking of using this T-Mobile MVNO named 35orless. Very new, but seems to be very interesting. There have been a couple positive feedback on this provider on HowardForums, although the duration of the reviewers on the plan has been extremely short. Waiting for them to update their...
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    I need a new pc. Help with buying plan.

    I am overdue in replacing a single core pc running XP. Hoping to use replacement for internet surfing and streaming video (in place of cable TV). I intend to browse the black friday deals and then possibly wait in line at the store on Thursday (Thanksgiving evening). Has anyone done the "wait...
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    2012 Ford Focus First Drive

    From Autoblog: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Car and Driver 10 best for 2011

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Car and Driver Names its 10Best Cars for 2011 Three American, three German, one Korean, and three...
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    2011 Kia Optima

    I think the Optima looks like the Sonata's sportier cousin (the Sonata looks too modern for my taste). After seeing photos of this, as well as of the '11 Elantra and the new Sportage online, makes me want to see all of them in person. <a...
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    Noise from wheel or tire?

    Hello, I have noticed a noise coming from the front passenger side wheel/tire area only when I slow down (coasting) to a speed between 35 to 25 mph (does not happen when speed increases). I describe it as a rolling/rotating low pitched sound/drone, again once as I slow down to between 35/25 mph...