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    2016 F150 6R80 30K Miles - Found 2 Magnets in Trans Pan

    Just did a drain and fill at 30K miles on my 2.7L Ecoboost 4x4 with the 6R80 transmission and STOP/START feature. I reused the filter as I wanted to get a look at it since it is different than the typical 6R80 and has 2 outlets on the top side of the filter. I will try to buy a new filter for my...
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    Starting from scratch: 1965 Mustang, what coolant?

    I am rebuilding my old Mustang with a new engine (Ford 5.0/302 cast iron roller cam block with aluminum AFR cylinder heads) and a new aluminum radiator and a new heater core and hoses. Given all of the technological changes to coolant chemistry through the years and this decidedly non-stock...