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    New car oil pan crush washer

    Just gave my 2012 KIA its first oil change. When I removed the drain plug there wasn't a crush washer on it. I had to get a flashlight to get a better look at the drain pan. The crush washer was painted on. The only part that was plain metal was where it had been in contact with the plug. I gave...
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    purolator air filter - CHINA !!

    Just bought a Purolator air filter ( A35397 ) for my 2004 Civic at Advance Auto. First off, they had a Fram filter catalogue, but only Purolator filters. So I had to go to the counter to get the part #. Then they didn't have any on the shelf. So the counter guy had to go in the back to get it. I...
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    Pennzoil PDS's

    I was just on pennzoil's website. They are updating their PDS's for all their oils. Not available yet though.
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    wasted time

    I've decided that Ive wasted hours and hours over the last 5 years on BITOG. There is no magic oil! Basically, use whatever oil your owner's manual recommends, and change it when your manual tells you to. Case closed!!! Stick with name brand oil, and don't use orange can Frams. Too many...
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    2004 civic check engine light

    I always use shell gas in my Civic. About a week ago I got some generic gas. Yesterday ( with 1/2 tank used) , my check engine light came on. First time ever, with 42,000 miles on the car. I took it to Advance auto. They ran the codes, and said the downstream O2 sensor was bad ( $247 !!!). I...