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    What does this wear mean?

    Fronts: <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> Rears for comparison: <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src=""...
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    Can I safely go down a "tick" in aspect ratio?

    I've been tasked with finding good replacement tires for a family member's late-90s minivan. The tires it takes are <span style="font-weight: bold">P205/75R14</span>. However, unfortunately it seems to be an uncommon tire size these days so there are only a few tires out there to choose from: on...
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    Filter imperfections.

    I ordered a Mopar 68191349AA / M0-349 filter for my 2014 Jeep GC on eBay from an authorized Jeep dealer a few days ago and got it in the mail today. I opened up the box and noticed two imperfections. One is what appears to be a burn mark or something; the other is one of the fins is rather close...
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    Does oxygen exposure shorten oil's shelf life?

    I accidentally broke the seal on a 5qt container of oil I bought today and I don't plan on changing the oil for several weeks. I wondered to myself if that might have any effect on the oil. I thought about it some more and realized that doesn't really make sense. But I still wonder enough to ask...
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    Yearly OCI, low mileage, short trips Pentastar

    I've got a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 3.6L Pentastar. The manual recommends 5w20, but says 5w30 is fine if you can't find an oil in 5w20 that meets the standards; also, previous years with the same engine had the manual recommending 5w30. Some information: Low miles per year (5K) Highway...