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    Liqui Moly Long Time High Tech 5w30 for Ford Edge?

    Hi, should I recommend this high saps oil for a 2012 Ford Edge 2.0t? Or would the owner be better off with Pennzoil Ultra Platinum or Vavoline Synpower offerings. It's a direct injection gasser with 75k miles on it. The owner is afraid of the perceived lower mileage if he runs a higher hths 3.5...
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    Amsoil AZO 0w30 4880 04 Gr Caravan 3.3 VOA

    Code This is My first Voa, I tried to line up the results in a word document but it still wouldn't transfer over I apologize. This was performed at Oil Analyzers. Some one on hear said not to give them too much information or else they wouldn't run the sample and just look up other engines...