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    Oil change interval. Tractor vs excavator

    A curiosity question here. I have a 2014 Kioti 50 hp tier 3 Diesel and a 2006 Yanmar 55 hp tier 3 diesel. Both are non turbo and take about 2 gals of oil with a similar sized oil filter. The Kioti calls for a 100 hr oil change interval and the Yanmar calls for a 250hr change interval. Why such...
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    Manual steering gearbox lube

    I have a 77 Ford f700 with manual steering. I tried searching around and I get conflicting info on grease or 80w90 oil. It seems that 00 grease would make the most sense. What do you think?
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    Holley carb only works on cold engine

    I have a 1977 ford 361fe engine with a 4 barrel holley carb that has a built in governor. It is the OE carb. Upon starting a cold engine the truck runs great. After 5 to 10 min of run time the primary flaps do not open upon pressing the throttle. Fuel squirts but the flaps do not open. This is...
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    Oil change or not

    I have an excavator that has a 55hp Yanmar engine. It calls for an oil change interval of 500hrs, This year I might put 200 hrs on the oil. I use Rotella 5w40. Without doing a UOA should I follow the once a year oil change regiment or go 2 years ? It takes 2.5 gals of oil.
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    Diesel confusion

    I have been using HSD 2000ppm sulphur in my tractor for 4 years. I had an issue once with incomplete combustion causing light blue smoke. It has not happened since. I also use Optilube Ag formula in all my fill ups. I now have an excavator with a 55hp Yanmar tier 2 engine which means it has zero...
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    Choice between only two greases

    I am wondering if I would see less pin and bushing wear on my excavator if I use Schaeffers 238 Ultra Supreme Waterproof Grease vs TSC Traveller 3% moly grease? I realize the Schaeffer will last longer but I can make up for that with a shorter grease interval. Schaeffers is $8 per tube vs TSC...
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    Traveller oil at TSC no longer Warren Dist.

    This is just to let everyone know that the Traveller brand is now Martin lubricants. It happened a couple of months ago. Warren dist was dropped.
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    Which electric grease gun

    I have been researching electric cordless grease gun. I have always used a manual one. I now have an excavator and have a need for one now. It seems Milwaukee,Dewalt and Lincoln are most popular.I wish Ridgid tools made one since I have a 5 piece lithiun set already. The cost should remain $200...
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    Hydraulic fluid for excavator

    I am purchasing my first excavator which is a 2006 Doosan Daewoo solar 75v 18k lb machine. I will need to change the hydraulic fluid. I believe it specs for AW46 which is a 20wt. TSC has their Premium universal fluid that is a 10w20 which I believe is a higher quality oil than the AW46. It will...
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    Using a 10/40 high mileage oil in a Toyota vvti

    I have a 2005 toyota avalon with a 3.5 l vvti engine. It has 65k miles. It has the classic timing cover oil leak which was a common problem with this engine. It has seen mobil one 5w30 since new. I ran a 10w40 oil and it greatly slows the oil leak. Iam not going to fix the leak since it is 20...
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    Massey Ferguson Permatran III

    I am looking at an alternative to the OE fluid. Napa makes a premium Hyd fluid that says it exceeds permatran III specs. Some people on other forums say do not use it. I do no understand why? If it exceeds the specs than why not? Am i missing something?
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    OIl pressure and exhaust back pressure

    Why would oil pressure go up when you reduce exhaust back pressure? I just hollowed out my cat conv and put a short muffler and exited in front of the rear wheel greatly reducing flow restriction. My oil pressure went from 25 psi at 2k rpm to 37. What do you think? 1990 ford f250 5.8l
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    Overfilling 351W

    How sensitive would a 1990 Ford 351w be to overfilling with one qt of oil. Accidentally put in seven. Can i leave or should I drain a qt?
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    Valvoline 15w50

    I am going to drive my 1990 Ford 351w where I may encounter zero degree temps. I am using Valvoline Syn 15w50 for oil pressure reasons. Would this cause problems with those temps?
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    Type F in E4od

    I have an E4od that is getting a code 62 converter clutch slippage. This is causing hard shifting only between 2to3 and 3to4th gears. It only shifts hard when at operating temp. Shifts great when cold. Would a type f fluid help the torque converter slippage which would then prevent the high...
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    Valv Maxlife vs ARX

    Are the ARX cleaning effects better than Maxlife atf? Has anyone ever tested this? Is the ARX just more aggressive over the short term but the long term cleaning effects the same as Maxlife ATF?
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    hardshifting ford e4od

    I have a 1990 Ford e4od trans that shifts hard at op temp only btwn 2to3 and 3 to 4 gear. When cold all gears shift smooth. Trans has been serviced with Maxlife (complete flush). Any ideas?
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    Mobil One 15w50 or rotellaT 5w40

    I have an old Ford 5.8l Winsdor that presently uses Mobil 1 15w50 for oil pressure reasons. Thinking of switching to Rotella T 5w40 for the cold weather starts. Would I see a significant diff. in cold starts between the two at around 5 or 10 degrees f? What about the oil pressure when hot? Thanks
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    Valv Maxlife for hardshifting trans

    I have a 1990 ford f250 with an E4OD trans (only 80K miles) that shifts hard when hot. I had a complete flush with supertech HM trans fluid and are wondering if switching to the Valv Maxlife atf would make a difference? This trans hold 17 qts so Amsoil is out. Thanks
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    Friction modifiers

    I have an atv that has a wet clutch differential. I used Mobil 1 HM oil in it and I think I caused a problem because I can't get the diif to lock when I pull the lever. I changed out the oil to Valv Motorcycle oil and it still does it. Is there alot of friction modifiers in Mobil 1 HM snd...