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    2003-2008 Corolla cold idle rpm

    Those 1zz-fe engines are known for vacuum leaks at the intake manifold to head when the rubber seal hardens over time. Easy, cheap repair... might even explain your high idle.
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    Tire sensors?

    Personally, I would insist they not touch them. No need to replace or put new sealing washers on in my opinion. They are only 3, at most 4 years old. I have the originals on a Toyota manufactured in 2009 with 580k miles. I know the batteries are on borrowed time but they continue to function...
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    CV Boot Clamp Saab 9-5

    Wide Harbor Freight zip tie for the win. No pressure or major force to contain here. Nothing to stress over.
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    synthetic oil in chinese gy6 scooter?

    More importat than oil selection is making sure the valve clearance is not set too tight. Just a random unsolicited tip.
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    Toyota/Lexus spark plugs

    You will find that that OEM Denso plug has been discontinued and superseded by a heat range 16 plug (hotter). My 2010 Prius has 575k on it so I have done a few plug changes over the years. Even after 125k these plugs are perfectly serviceable in my operation. Beware of buying plugs on Amazon...
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    Manual Tire Changer + Plastic Mount/Demount Head

    Google Mojolever. I have had mine for 12 years and have changed hundreds of automotive and motorcycle tires on my Harbor Freight tire stand (also have the motorcycle adapter with Mojo nylon inserts - Mojoblocks $30) Not cheap at $139 but well worth it and has paid for itself many times over.
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    Can't remove rusted and broken c-ring front wheel bearing retainer

    Had a suggestion but noticed you resolved it! Good deal.
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    Body wash or bar soap?

    I just use shampoo, head to toe. I like the way it lathers and rinses off clean. I don't know why I would use anything else. I have oily skin so I'm not worried about any moisturizing properties.
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    All you have to do is call and suggest you are wanting to cancel your service. Instantly, without haggling the pleasant representative will offer you a MUCH better price. Getting the package without the Howard Stern garbage saves a lot. I always call before my subscription auto-renews every...
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    2010 X3 3.0si 105k valvetrain shot

    I thought this picture looked familiar. I just saw it over on Reddit. Justrolledintheshop.
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    Front brake kit for the hills

    I don't really have a recommendation on pads, I usually just use ceramic Wagner Thermo Quiets because they produce virtually no dust and are generally quiet. Are there pads out there that stop a few feet shorter from 60mph? Probably. 99 times out of 100 though these factors - speed, following...
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    NASAs latest finds on Mars

    Why people believe this nonsense is beyond me. People are never going to wake up... the masses are getting dumber and NASA's CGI/augmented reality is getting better. Oh well. Landing and controlling a radio controlled car 140 million miles away... ok. Whatever. This is after guiding a...
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    See What Happens?

    This is why I like batteries with removable caps where I can test the actual state of charge with a simple hydrometer and see if the battery is merely drained or actually has a bad cell.
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    Bad tire day

    If you get a used P7 be aware that it is offered in a couple different load ratings. Probably not super critical in a stop gap situation like this but just a heads up. Some are 93, others are 97 load rating.
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    Bad tire day

    I am guessing your the manual covers both the FWD and all wheel drive models. If you dont go for one used tire, you could buy 2 new tires of your choice, install on the rear and burn through the 2 best P7s on the front in short order and replace with 2 more new ones later (assuming you have a 2...
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    Bad tire day

    Check out They have quite a few P7s in your size. A few nearly new pairs and some singles in varying tread depths. Free shipping. I have bought many tires from them and never been disappointed. Search by size and then narrow down by manufacturer.
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    Favorite driving/cruising music?

    Great driving song - "Guitar Town" by Steve Earl
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    Might need to replace some struts

    I would first rule out the sway bar end links. They can make noise with just a little looseness in them. Easy to diagnose by either taking them completely off or at least one end, tying them out of the way and going for a test drive. Super cheap and easy to replace. I see a lot of struts go...
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    Tesla Roadster actually Launched to Mars.. No kidd

    LOL - sad how most people believe this CGI fraud. #FakeX
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    Anyone Know of a Good High Capacity Oil Drain Pan?

    My current and best pan to date came from HomeDepot. Found in the concrete/mortar section. I believe it is sold for mixing mortar. Nice and thick, stout. Probably same as the one mentioned a few posts back.